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Contact: by Verniy [news:12]

I admin and actively post on . Naturally I am found there. Otherwise you'll likely see me or someone I know on #qa of rizon or

DB was replaced to a backup after spam and permissions weren't changed.
Don't expect I know what goes on here other than keeping illegal content and spam free from it.
Last edited by: Verniy on 2024-04-02T06:49:57

Will keep things Running by Verniy [news:11]

Things seem less annoying than before and I'm working on some solutions using bots. So I'll renew and keep posting active.

4Taba Server Expiration Date by Verniy [news:10]

Long story short, I don't want to moderate the place and no one has added a solution to deal with some of the spam(the CP is ultimately inevitable). Since there's no one I want to give the site to I'll ultimately close posting and pay the renewal on the server. What will be left running is the archive function I added at some point and the contents of the site.

Unless there's an alternative method that people want to reach out to me for. I don't have trust in handing over the site to random people and would rather keep it around as an archive.
Last edited by: Verniy on 2023-08-05T21:16:13