Contact: by Verniy [news:12]

I admin and actively post on . Naturally I am found there. Otherwise you'll likely see me or someone I know on #qa of rizon or

DB was replaced to a backup after spam and permissions weren't changed.
Don't expect I know what goes on here other than keeping illegal content and spam free from it.
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Will keep things Running by Verniy [news:11]

Things seem less annoying than before and I'm working on some solutions using bots. So I'll renew and keep posting active.

4Taba Server Expiration Date by Verniy [news:10]

Long story short, I don't want to moderate the place and no one has added a solution to deal with some of the spam(the CP is ultimately inevitable). Since there's no one I want to give the site to I'll ultimately close posting and pay the renewal on the server. What will be left running is the archive function I added at some point and the contents of the site.

Unless there's an alternative method that people want to reach out to me for. I don't have trust in handing over the site to random people and would rather keep it around as an archive.
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Please enjoy 4taba while I do a scheduled reinstall of Kissu's servers
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This domain will be expiring Dec 24th. will be the only domain for this site after the grace period expires.
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Kissu down for a few Hours by Verniy [news:7]

2021-05-16T19:35:59 back up and fully restored
I was listening to AoE2 streamers and made a bunch of mistakes while modifying server files directly. Failsafes have backed up everything, but I need to move files around which will take me a few hours.
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Merry Kurisumasu by Verniy [news:6]

be of good cheer, and do not fear

Kissu Inconveniences by Verniy [news:5]

The servers is hosted on are currently down and for now the domain name is redirecting to 4taba. When it's fixed I'll add another news item. You may also need to clear your cache.
Status can be found at

Since is hosted on this server there are no issues with that service.
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Archival by Verniy [news:4]

New feature on
Allows you to save all of a threads images at once and gives a thread json file for lookup. by Verniy [news:3]

4taba and 4taba2 now point to the same location.
Databases between the two have been merged(contact me if there are errors)

4taba2 Opens by Verniy [news:2]

Welcome to 4taba2,

This site aims to be a copy of 4taba, run on a server supporting
If 4taba's images are ever released along with the database then we may end up swapping this site with the origonal depending on how people feel about the idea. Nothing set in stone as yet really.

Merry Christmas, Verniy
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