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1 guest@cc 2020-02-28T01:52:15
Do any of you care about your privacy and such. It seems we live in times of next to 0 privacy, even if you disconnect yourself from mainstream platforms. It has gotten to the point where I think it is only possible to be truly anonymous by going full kaczynski and hiding out in the woods providing your own services and resources.
Here's an eye opening talk about the subject:
I haven't watched this one, just a talk he did from 2016, but I'm sure this has similar information.
2 guest@cc 2020-02-28T03:12:33
I haven't watched this 3 hour video but please watch this 3 hour video about how things are bad.
- freetard
3 guest@cc 2020-02-28T03:53:27
Something smells very copy-pasted about your post, like you're going down a list of imageboards and making the same thread on all of them.
4 guest@cc 2020-02-28T22:53:26
i thought it was a good talk
i've never posted this in any other board

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