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1 guest@cc 2020-10-30T17:02:24
I've almost prepared the first release version of a decentralized textboard. It allows threads and replies to be shared between multiple servers, and threads are assigned to tags, rather than boards.

What kinds of features should my board have besides just these? It's still very minimalist -- a blank slate for progress!
2 guest@cc 2020-10-30T21:07:34
an overboard to compensate the inevitable lack of activity
3 guest@cc 2020-10-31T00:52:42
Make the CSS/JS actually look good or failing that replicate 4chan's pixel by pixel.
4 guest@cc 2020-10-31T06:26:17

  ∧,,∧ sjis tags
⊂ノ  ニつ
(`(´ ノ
 || ノ
5 guest@cc 2020-11-01T04:49:00
i wrote a scraper that converts all other known textboards (kareha, emanon, tablecat) to my board's format; could probably do it for 4taba too. but im not going to bother writing code that crossposts from my board software to remote non-fedi boards cuz :effort:

4chan isn't a textboard.
6 guest@cc 2020-11-01T16:17:37
It doesn't change the fact Kareha clones look like ass. People have run vichan with images disabled using the 4chan copycat themes. 4chan had textboards once, and if you're so ambitious as to want to bump 4-ch from the top English textboard spot you should consider quality of life stuff.
guest@cc 2020-11-02T21:47:59
2ch is a shadow of what it once was. And you don't care about relevancy.
guest@cc 2020-11-02T17:29:26
Who gives a shit how "relevant" they are, unless you're trying to imitate facebook. Textboards look great.
guest@cc 2020-11-02T02:25:01
So you don't think they could look any better at all? That they've reached perfection despite being less relevant than old school BBSes? Isn't that selling them short?
guest@cc 2020-11-01T20:42:50
I like how textboards look. fuck you
7 guest@cc 2020-11-20T16:00:18

I hope that there is JSless mode.
8 guest@cc 2020-11-27T20:36:56
There is JS used for two functions:
> Inserting a >>reply to a post

> Switching stylesheet

Nothing else.
9 guest@cc 2020-12-04T01:35:52
How about subdomains for the different stylesheets?
10 guest@cc 2020-12-06T03:35:24
I'm not the developer but that sounds really stupid. What you have to understand about the "Cookie" header is that it's really just "X-Miscellaneous-Requests". Cookies are literally just command line arguments that your browser can choose to send or not send for you. Issue being these days that the browser tends to choose, not you. Still a "you" issue for deliberately choosing a bad web browser I think.
Just install a good one, like Lynx.
guest@cc 2020-12-06T15:00:44
install lynx
guest@cc 2020-12-06T03:41:55
>Still a "you" issue for deliberately choosing a bad web browser I think.
Okay wiseguy.
11 guest@cc 2020-12-20T07:31:18
You can use this board here:

current features:
- federation
- tagging
- captcha
- >greentext
- >>reply (even between servers)

So far, there is not backlinking, sage, youtube embed, web based admin panel, etc. But it is fairly easy to setup.
guest@cc 2020-12-21T03:55:35
(not 11)
seems to be written in python:
guest@cc 2020-12-20T19:05:58
Is it written in Scheme?
13 guest@cc 2020-12-24T09:53:03
Why are touhou threads deleted?
14 guest@cc 2020-12-26T00:47:05
I personally don't know why, but I'm glad they are. If you want to spam 2hu memes, just go to 4/jp/
15 guest@cc 2021-01-02T12:03:41

2hu is no longer permitted on the 2hu board
16 guest@cc 2021-01-02T22:00:57
There are tripcodes implemented. I also added a new stylesheet a while back, "dark", that's full width and well, dark. Thinking of adding a 2ch theme or one inspired by it soon. Some people just really love their bricks!

Currently on the fence about "sage" -- it would be a little annoying to make it work between different sites, and the majority of people don't even use sage anyway. Someone suggested that if sage is implemented, not to visually alter the sageru-ers name, 4chan style. Well, if more people were "sage"rs I would consider adding it in the first place -- that's the reason why I didn't include a way to embed SJIS art in my multichan server: probably like 10 or 15 people tops in the Western internet (out of hundreds of millions of users) post SJIS art.

Features to come will be a web-based admin panel, even easier setup and installation, and probably youtube embed (allowed 1 embed per post). Not really sure of what other features or big changes need to be made.
17 guest@cc 2021-03-02T00:59:54
>Secure Connection Unavailable
Thannks, but no thanks.
18 guest@cc 2021-05-26T01:14:25
19 guest@cc 2021-05-26T04:56:28
or use a proxy or VPN or Tor or something
there's also a Tor node we federate with.
20 guest@cc 2021-06-03T09:15:36
Multichan now has boards:

It also has image embeds !
21 guest@cc 2021-06-05T08:39:46
hey, cool ad
22 guest@cc 2021-06-10T02:31:32
thanks! you're cool too!

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