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1 guest@cc 2022-03-23T00:45:10 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: cloudflare.jpeg (JPEG, 9.45KB, 474x197)
I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back.

And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.
2 guest@cc 2022-03-23T09:31:38
Uh huh...
3 guest@cc 2022-03-23T09:38:02
bleh, cloudflare messes with things sometimes, but I guess I need a fix for this site.
4 guest@cc 2022-03-23T09:57:41
account creation is done through email... man this sucks... i remember why I never bothered. Well I sent them an email so lets hope they get back to me so I can enable this
5 guest@cc 2022-03-23T11:35:18
Are you going to have your confederates spam pizza
>on all the imageboards I find

until they submit to your protection racket?
6 guest@cc 2022-03-23T22:36:25
Cloudflare has never been on 4taba prior to today, and no ncmec did not threaten to arrest me if I didn't send them an email for their antiquated login procedure.
7 guest@cc 2022-03-24T22:47:41 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: firefox_abdGXd3nz2.png (PNG, 6.53KB, 1334x117)
this tool is SO shit to set up
8 guest@cc 2022-03-25T06:47:36
Every poster name is now [email protected]... Just excellent.
9 guest@cc 2022-03-25T23:27:31 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: firefox_DeOfY2NccJ.png (PNG, 20.79KB, 1014x379)
How? Why doesn't it do this for me?
10 guest@cc 2022-03-26T23:42:02
Trying to attach image but it won't post. Maybe it's because of spaces in the filename. Anyway, this would probably be the reason why: https://4taba.net/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection
11 guest@cc 2022-03-26T23:48:30
hm. I see.
12 guest@cc 2022-03-29T14:37:20
alright, I'm trying to resolve the issues I had with setting this up and sending more emails
13 guest@cc 2022-03-31T03:52:10
Great, I've obviously been ghosted.

This cloudflare feature is basically a none feature, but nonetheless, a way to deal with this CSAM is required for this site to keep existing in my hands.
14 fgvw@tate.best##trippy123 2023-03-29T14:27:55
It's a fed reposting this across every altchan
15 fgvw@tate.best#trippy321 2023-03-29T14:28:38
yikes, that didnt work. good thing i don't actually use that tripcode elsewhere.. will this work?
16 fgvw@tate.best 2023-03-29T14:29:00
ok no tripcodes
17 guest@cc 2023-03-31T05:24:58
Hmm, I'm not sure if I've ever seen a tripcode here now that I think about it. I don't think there's some special way of doing them

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