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I'm sharing a small list of software to deal with SWF /f/iles. If you know of anything else or alternatives, please post as well.

To view SWF files on a desktop you can either use Adobe's "Flash Player projector" found here:
or use a third party player, which I have been able to find only of one:
Both are proprietary, Adobe's player has support for most platforms, the second player is only available for Windows. Both can play games as well, I think that's essential for a proper player as there are some that only play animations.

To render SWF files as video use Swivel, it's open source, but only supports Windows and MacOS.
It's not always stable, but gets the job done. Games can also be rendered with it, though no audio will played during this.
2 guest@cc 2018-08-15T23:00:36
Shumway sounded interesting. It's a shame that development has been halted.
3 guest@cc 2018-08-15T23:02:13
How could you forget JPEX? https://www.free-decompiler.com/flash/
It makes editing a flash without having flash (the authoring software) possible. You need java to use it though and sometimes it crashes but those are things I can live with. I've cracked or desitelocked number of flashes with it. Heck I even helped someone rebuild a multipart game that was abandoned by Weebl and doesn't work on newgrounds anymore. Thread http://swfchan.org/13000/ (I'm the B Anonymous person in that thread).
and completed download https://openload.co/f/4aD6Kz48CmE/prawn_to_be_wild_cracked_by_w7_890_and_anonymous_%28final%29.zip

I know that there's a few flash players for android in the google play store, but I've never tried them out.

Just did a search and found this https://www.swfmill.org/doc/using-swfmill.html it looks cool but abandoned. Perhaps it's a key to the step forward of creating an open sourced / free flash ide? The other missing component to that road is of course the player itself but doing that might require decompiling the flashplayer executable file for acceptable accuracy.

Also I'm rather mad about that Swivel thing on newgrounds. They converted a lot of flashes, even ones with some interactive elements, into videos and proceeded to make video the default view and then anyone who wanted to view the flash version must be signed in with an account. I even read on the thread forum about the software and someone was saying that it was going well because none of the authors were complaining! By that time a lot of the authors for those animations probably don't even visit newgrounds anymore and if they did would they even look at their old animations? Maybe not. I consider it a dumb move for them to do it that early since the HD videos (which is the only way to get it comparable to the converted vector animations) are usually more than triple the filesize of the flash version.
4 guest@cc 2018-08-15T23:05:36
oh wait that 2005 date was probably just the last time that documentation page was edited. the actual github has been edited as recently as last year, so maybe it's more current https://github.com/djcsdy/swfmill/commits/master
5 guest@cc 2018-08-16T03:04:29
Lightspark and Gnash are generally the open-source go-tos, but for the best compatability, you should really just use the projector.
6 guest@cc 2018-08-16T15:08:20
Repack? Seed? Haha, good sense of humour

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