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1 guest@cc 2019-04-02T07:40:48 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
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/g/ bitches about it in package golf dick measuring contests, but honestly, arch has entirely the right idea what with putting the headers and such in every package. any time I want to compile something myself and its /never/ adequately explained beyond 'qt' or just no explanation, its a pain in the ass to look around for the development files for shit I already have installed
2 guest@cc 2019-04-02T07:46:48
(that is to say, guessing at which shits headers I have to install for it to work)
3 guest@cc 2019-04-02T11:47:20
Most self proclaimed minimalists don't even know what minimalism really means.
It's just an excuse for them to act edgy and elitist.
4 guest@cc 2019-04-02T13:45:16
well they use it to refer to a number of different things, some of which are more important than other.
But using less disk space isn't a reduction in resource use or complexity, though.
5 guest@cc 2019-04-02T15:13:09
Why do girls do that?
6 guest@cc 2019-04-02T23:11:24
It gets boring waiting in the car while mom gets the groceries
7 guest@cc 2019-04-05T06:56:34
Anonymous (Mon)Apr 08 2019 02:48:45
Based brapposter
8 guest@cc 2019-04-06T19:24:39
It's the same on all the BSDs. There are no separate -dev or -doc packages like what Debian does: if you install a package, it comes with everything you might want to use it for..
I agree with OP. I hate doing development on GNU/Linux.

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