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1 Nameless 2019-10-27T06:07:30 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: cirno.jpg (JPEG, 36.66KB, 400x400)
>will never be on a /b/ that created content of this quality again
why live?
2 Nameless 2019-10-27T14:03:07
If someone did they'd just be called edgy and mostly ignored or told to go back to reddit
3 Nameless 2019-10-27T15:18:52
They'd probably actually love it, whine about how the good ol days were better, and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about it. Yotsaba's /b/ is 99% highschool students who wish they were around during the board's height.
4 Nameless 2019-10-28T05:51:59
Theres nothing stopping you from making quality content
5 Nameless 2019-10-28T15:51:17
6 Nameless 2019-10-28T17:30:34
There are some good things on other 4boards every now and then, /b/ is just for porn these days.
7 Nameless 2019-10-28T20:58:02
The high signal to noise ratio is too much for me. The faster boards move too fast for any OC to get made or discussion to be held, and the slower boards are full of drama and infighting.
8 sage 2019-10-28T22:44:19
>>7 Noise to signal. I guess signal to noise can be a problem too, if you can't handle too much information.
9 Nameless 2019-10-30T02:02:05
Don't try to reclaim what has gone, but make something new instead.
The goal in enjoyment in creativity, not to make something of "quality".
10 Nameless 2019-12-10T09:24:41
Not anymore. Porn is now banned on /b/.
11 Nameless 2019-12-10T11:44:53
that's a fat lie, I still see tons of porn there
12 Nameless 2019-12-11T04:24:16
Well, it was banned for a day.
13 Nameless 2019-12-14T04:55:52
Publicity stunts are the heart and soul of 4mods.
14 Nameless 2019-12-27T07:14:25
This guy gets it

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