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1 Nameless 2019-11-28T21:27:08 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
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If all electricity gave out and all our machinery stopped working

1. How fucked would we be?

2. How long would take for us to get back to a modern (post-industrial) society?
2 Nameless 2019-11-28T22:20:20
We'd be very fucked, modern society is completely dependent on electricity
3 Nameless 2019-11-29T00:11:24
How much is very though? Are we talking a dark age that eventually fixes itself, or are we talking humanity going back to being bipedal monkeys and never progressing past the stone age ever again?
4 Nameless 2019-11-29T07:35:18
well at least I could enact my fantasy for an isekai where the internet is powered by monks and smoke signals
5 Nameless 2019-11-30T06:32:42
Wouldn't the universe fizzle out immediately?
6 Nameless 2019-11-30T16:03:09
1: Exceedingly fucked for a reasonable amount of time, but not on the level of fucked of say nuclear war.

2: Probably about a decade for things to fall back to a norm. If we were never able to find another source of electrical generation no matter how meager it'd take us about ten years to rebuild agricultural society. Speaking strictly for the West I would say that most people would have to leave cities and become subsistence farmers or psuedo sharecroppers, perhaps communes of sorts. Without electricity we simply could not continue our agricultural output per hectare and contemporary industrial farms would need tens of thousands of workers to continue at scale, it'd be more likely that the government would start splitting out land. Large cities and most of the american sprawl would be reasonably terrible in the transition, with starvation, water shortages, looting, and civil conflict on a large set of dimensions but I've no doubt we'd be able to overcome. After all, the electricity is gone and guns don't need that and as such the federal government should be able to reassert control.

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