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1 lolico#dd 2019-12-12T15:42:23 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 2019-11-04-190613_846x567_scro… (PNG, 223.97KB, 846x567)
Well, now that this site is shutting down, I would like to shill my own imageboard https://heyuri.cf/ .
Heyuri is for discussion on topics such as anime, vidya and memes. I don't usually shill on other boards but this is an exception.
See you there!
2 Nameless 2019-12-12T16:43:50
>but this is an exception
In this case it's extra disrespectful. Your board sucks, go back to 64chan
3 lolico 2019-12-12T19:03:58
What sucks about it?
4 Nameless 2019-12-12T20:58:55
>Heyuri is for discussion on topics such as anime, vidya and memes

So it's just fourchan. Shitaba can't be easily replaced, which is why the userbase actually gives a shit about it.
5 lolico 2019-12-12T21:43:54
I'm trying to take steps to differentiate Heyuri from 4chan. I'm also being careful not to add something that may result in low quality posts.
If you have an idea, tell me.
6 Nameless 2019-12-12T22:10:16
More specific boards? Most anime boards always never have any content (hell, even our /a/ is barely used), which is why currently your board is only two bad shitposts. You should probably just remove /a/ entirely. Also the design is obviously pretty bland, but I didn't want to pick on you for it since it's a new IB. Just remember that people on these Japanese oriented boards and 2ch clones are all the same 20-30 people. They've browsed probably over fifty sites just like yours this year alone.
7 lolico 2019-12-12T23:11:17
I made the style because I wanted to avoid it looking like just any other board. Also, I recognize that it's the same 20-30 people(trust me I'm one of them). I also want to attract people who are new to imageboards on top of that. Problem is I don't have any mainstream social media accounts.
I wanted Heyuri to start as an anime site, the only reason I have /b/ and /g/ is because an Off-Topic is needed and games are usually the most discussed on imageboards.
I want to add more specific boards later when the site becomes more popular.
E.G. A mecha board if /a/ has lots of mecha threads
8 Nameless 2019-12-13T11:05:47
I tried posting and it wouldn't even let me.
9 lolico 2019-12-13T13:34:05
What did it say?
10 Nameless 2019-12-13T20:54:09
I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you're doing it wrong. 4chan was able to start as an anime board and slowly broaden its scope because it was one of the very few sites of its kind in the west for a while, meaning it could attract people who were only there for the anonymity and didn't really care a ton about anime. Nowadays there's tons of anonymous imageboards, so you're not really going to see that type of outward expansion, or at least not at the rate 4chan did.
11 Nameless 2019-12-14T00:54:30
I'm going to take the opposite route and say you should stick with that. If you want a direct focus on particular topics for your community, it's better to stick with it than to try and attract more people instead.
12 Nameless 2019-12-14T18:49:19
Not the same person, but got this:
Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function regist(), 10 passed in /srv/disk2/2280321/www/heyuri.cf/g/imgboard.php on line 20 and exactly 11 expected in /srv/disk2/2280321/www/heyuri.cf/include/regist.inc.php:9 Stack trace: #0 /srv/disk2/2280321/www/heyuri.cf/g/imgboard.php(20): regist('###.###.##.###', 'Anonymous', false, '', '', 'precursors', '', '', '1', false) #1 {main} thrown in /srv/disk2/2280321/www/heyuri.cf/include/regist.inc.php on line 9

Can't post right now and there's not much activity, but I'll add you to my .txt. Might come back if your vidya board turns out okay and isn't full of board drama and shitposting. Nothing else that really interests me on the site, but I'm still looking for a creativity focused board though, all the art boards etc I can find are pretty much dead.
13 lolico 2019-12-15T01:00:49
The problem is fixed now.
Issue was caused because I updated the backend from the testing branch and not the frontend.

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