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1 Anonymous 2021-02-18T21:34:40 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: tapes.jpg (JPEG, 340.89KB, 800x800)
What kind of data do you archive/hoard and how do you store it?
2 Anonymous 2021-02-19T06:59:09
6TB of miscellaneous data right now. At some point I'm going to need a backup but I don't think I can afford it right now. Don't think I'm going to upload it all somewhere. Looking forward to buying a tape writer at some point but those things are so expensive.
3 Anonymous 2021-02-19T18:46:09
I'm not sure what media I should backup my files to for long-term storage. M-discs and Blu-rays seem easy to maintain but the price of their writers is what's keeping my from switching. How do you organize your stuff?
4 Anonymous 2021-02-19T22:46:53
music, doujins, manga, porn, and some books. Got some anime too but I tend to delete it once I've finished seeding.
The only thing I really care about is the music but I haven't made any real backup yet. I store everything on a shitty server I access via multiple services and sshfs or tramp
5 Anonymous 2021-02-19T23:51:19
>>3 I got youtube profile archives, twitter, a couple instagrams for when I really like the look of a model. I keep those and a bunch of shit I seed on bittorrent under a sorted "Media". Torrents are physically all stored in one directory, then symlinked to the different places I want them, which is convenient because some have just awful filenames. Everything else is SOMEWHERE in my jungle of a home directory.
6 Anonymous 2021-02-20T17:53:42
I don't currently hoard since I am a poor NEET, but I hope to create an entire archive off all doujin music in lossless format and perhaps make it semipublic via ftp. Which filesystems are you guys working with?
Anonymous 2021-02-23T21:09:43
Doujinmusic.ru might be one to look at
Anonymous 2021-02-21T01:05:51
7 Anonymous 2021-02-24T05:10:58
ext4. not enough ram to bother with anything more exotic
8 Anonymous 2021-09-26T19:51:07
Tabamin did a database dump before he left. Does anyone have it?
9 Anonymous 2021-09-28T21:16:34
Didn't he just give one in private? I thought I had the original before I merged it with some threads on the temporary site, but my search isn't finding it.
In any case, the last backup I have is 2020-01-17T01:14:12 which contains roughly a month of threads found on the temp site.
10 Anonymous 2021-09-28T21:30:04
ah, my search turned up results and the merge combined 2020-01-17 with 2020-01-10, so just a week.

In any case I do have what I believe to be the original data.
11 Anonymous 2021-10-01T13:48:16
I believe he did it before the tempsite went up and before the merger. I looked through my files but I couldn't find it. I remember it having threads going back to 2016.
12 Anonymous 2021-10-01T14:57:25
of what he gave me, a lot of files had a unix timestamp of 0

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