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1 Anonymous 2021-11-03T22:14:13 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 362363.PNG (PNG, 436.15KB, 729x404)
Heyo /ho/, it's almost 2022. Who's still here? I mean, aside from that yuriposter guy from kissu. I don't think this site is active enough to attract regular members, and the guys from the past that said they loved slow boards have all disappeared as well. It's weird that I could probably count the amount of threads made this year with my fingers. I always check this site at least once a month, and it's become a habit to check it frequently (about once a day) during the cold seasons. I know a majority of the old crowd dipped when OG admin stepped down, but some of you guys are still here, right? Oh, but speaking of the old admin, what happened with him? I recall some people asking for his email. Has anyone contacted him and asked about newer projects in the works, or just about how his life has been going in general? Anyhow, back on topic. How's it going, gang?
2 Anonymous 2021-11-04T00:44:02 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: cambot.jpeg (JPEG, 16.53KB, 445x335)
Believe it or not, this Anon actually visits every day, but mostly doesn't post. Haven't been posting anywhere for a while in general, so it's nothing wrong with this site in particular. Guess I'm still hoping for the place to shoot back to life one day.
3 Anonymous 2021-11-04T16:07:38
pretty sure I saw the OG admin somewhere on here a few days ago but I forgot
4 Anonymous 2021-11-04T20:09:58
5 Anonymous 2021-11-05T03:08:18 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: waterfox_D2cWPoejN6.png (PNG, 6.76KB, 588x283)
I have a trouble visiting sites that aren't in my starter page icon thing. I just forget they exist.
But... I have fixed it! Before today I think the last time I visited was about two weeks ago. I try to post something every time I do.
6 Anonymous 2021-11-06T16:13:29
similar to >>2 i still visit here nearly everyday, i just hardly post
i suppose i should really post more in such low activity places like this, but i'm like this for all the boards i go to
7 Anonymous 2021-11-06T20:37:13
Now I'm guilty as fuck, OP
I'll be sure to post more often for 4taba's sake
8 Anonymous 2021-11-07T22:48:41
I'm still here fag, stfu.
9 Anonymous 2021-11-09T11:35:58
I stopped visiting around the time I started to use tor in earnest, which doesn't really make sense because this site doesn't block tor.
10 Anonymous 2021-11-17T23:11:35
I just came to check up on this place after learning that posting on /qa/ is currently disabled and there are only two threads up.
11 Anonymous 2021-11-18T01:39:54
Honestly, locking /qa/ was a mercy, considering the alternative is letting it remain a battleground for soy duels.
12 Anonymous 2021-11-20T22:17:39
posting soyjaks should have been banned long ago imo
13 Anonymous 2021-11-21T05:40:19
How is tor these days? Last time I regularly used it was about a decade ago because I wanted to learn how to grow shrooms at my apartment. The forum I got a few guides from had a good community, so I stuck around, and it became my go to site along with a forum dedicated to the video game "bully". Both of those sites are gone now though. These days I'm mostly on tinychat, yt to check up on a few old friends and boards like this. Shit I think I just wrote a paragraph, sorry for the lifestory
14 Anonymous 2021-11-21T15:00:00
> Shit I think I just wrote a paragraph, sorry for the lifestory

Elaboration doesn't offend here, no need to worry.
15 Anonymous 2021-11-27T16:37:16
mom someone stole www.4taba.net again
16 Anonymous 2021-11-28T11:40:57
why do i even still have that page
17 Anonymous 2021-11-29T14:43:19
I'm in the same boat as >>2. I visit every time I go to the library to study.
18 Anonymous 2021-12-02T04:45:46
Been hanging around this place for a while
19 Anonymous 2021-12-06T20:45:25 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 7E642EC3-40C3-44F3-B076-0E1719… (PNG, 108.14KB, 400x300)
I remember this website being much more active back in 2019, I blame the zoomers and their low attention span.
20 Anonymous 2021-12-06T20:58:22
It still seems fairly active from what I can tell.
22 Anonymous 2021-12-07T16:09:27
My attention span is fine I just haven't felt alive for the past few years.
23 Anonymous 2021-12-12T10:39:55 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: flustered-004.jpg (JPEG, 112.91KB, 1280x720)
my gf illya is so cute
24 Anonymous 2021-12-18T22:45:49
Same here, but hoping it springs back to life won't help, we do need to post more especially on /ho/
25 Anonymous 2021-12-19T17:43:26
For me, Kissu kind of superseded 4taba. It wasn't on purpose; it just kind of happened. It's a shame, because I was on 4taba decently early on in its life, and was probably its most active user for a while.

I like 4taba, but it feels like I'm pissing in the wind whenever I actually use it. If I have something on my mind, I'm going to be reluctant to post it here because I know not that many people are going to see it. So what ends up happening is that I save all the good stuff for more popular sites, and just use this place as a shitposting dump.

Don't get me wrong, I _like_ smaller websites. But I also want to be heard, and when I post here it feels like I'm throwing my posts away.
26 Anonymous 2021-12-20T03:32:52
As an early user, what would you consider 4taba to be a spinoff of? I've always thought of this site as kind of mysterious. I mean its not everyday you see an imageboard that isn't some dime a dozen lynxchan site with only three boards and a .xyz domain to boot. The first I heard of it was on either /qa/ or /jp/
27 Anonymous 2021-12-20T04:48:39
Plenty of people will see it, few will respond. It might just be me but for some reason a lot of the internet seems somehow... deserted these days. I can't quite put my finger on it. I haven't really been on 4chan that much for the past year or so and even it seems somehow slower than how I remember it.
28 Anonymous 2021-12-20T21:49:26
I think of it as a general /a/jp/ site. It was built for and advertised to that crowd, but wasn't really in service of any particular community, if that makes sense. Like, Kissu was specifically created to act as a continuation of 4chan's /qa/ board, and most if not all of its initial users came from there. 4taba on the other hand is much more of its own thing.
29 Anonymous 2021-12-30T16:30:29
I still talk to the old admin on occasion. He's still working on his new project.
30 Anonymous 2022-01-04T12:04:20
>He's still working on his new project
His what?
31 Anonymous 2022-01-05T00:34:23
i only come to imageboards every 2 or 3 months. i'm still here, but you'd be better off finding me in the synirc textboard rooms
32 Anonymous 2022-01-12T19:05:43
I migrated to kissu. I don't remember when that happened but I think it was around the time the old admin announced he was stepping down. I know kissu is not the same thing and I miss 4taba, but this site is too inactive.
33 Anonymous 2022-03-05T08:32:58
first time visiting since 2019
i had some fun looking at my old posts on /v/, but it also made me feel a bit sad somehow. i'll definitely start visiting again more often.
34 Anonymous 2023-01-03T19:11:31
35 Anonymous 2023-01-04T12:55:31
I've been here since the founding of the site. I'm not as online as I used to be in general, but I still visit every now and then. I really like this place still, and while I like small communities, a posts per day ratio of 1 tends to kill your enthusiasm.
36 Anonymous 2023-01-05T10:12:24
I wonder what the original admin is up to these days. He said he was going to work on other projects or something like that, but it wasn't anything concrete. There's no way to find him as far as I'm aware, so I guess we'll never know.
37 Anonymous 2023-01-06T23:09:19
I was here years ago, thought I'd come check it today.
I wish there was something like this that was popular, other than 4chan.
40 Verniy ## Admin 2023-01-07T22:48:43
Probably going to email him if he wants his site back, but odds are he doesn't use that email anymore. 2024 might see the site go into read-only on a Kissu subdomain in a Docker container. Not sure yet because people might start seeing a use for the site in the year or I could find an arrangement that doesn't put Kissu's infra at risk. Taba's currently on a dedicated VPS since I began upgrading Kissu's servers. I wouldn't want to put a read-write Taba on the same servers as Kissu's things because the CP spam poses a vector for a motivated actor to take out some of Kissu's services and negating the work that I plan to put into my own IB software designed to tackle the issues of the modern Internet.

Taba won't change hands unless it's verifiable from the original owner or an old member of 4/qa/ who has a good level of cooperation with the current Kissu staff and enjoy's the Lisp syntax.
- Kotatsu gets enough community contribution to the Github such that I can handle the CP spam properly.
- Site goes into read-only as 4taba.kissu.moe
- Somehow find the original owner (or the rare nice 4/qa/ person who already has imageboard commitments of their own)
41 Anonymous 2023-01-12T18:44:57
I'm here. And new. Last week I got an nostalgic about the textnoard days and tried to find some still online. So many have disappeared but then I stumbled upon this one. So hello!
42 Anonymous 2023-01-12T18:48:46

Could you provide a link for that? I'm intrigued. What's the channel?
43 Anonymous 2023-08-09T00:40:36
It's about half way through 2023 and I'm still here. I still go to as many textboards and imageboards as I can, at least until they die out. Some I don't check too frequently but I usually visit them at least once every other week.

I hope this one doesn't go read only...but if it does, thanks for the fun times.
44 Anonymous 2023-08-15T17:22:52

And speaking of boards that died: kind.moe is no more. It was shut down a few days ago. I liked it because it was pretty calm an relaxing.
45 Anonymous 2023-09-17T05:59:09
I guess the official rally point this time is on wapchan.
46 Anonymous 2023-11-11T03:22:18
hi anon. i hope this site doesn't go read only as well. i still visit here so bump
i mostly just like the quietness of this board.
47 Anonymous 2023-11-11T06:42:52
read the most recent news post, although, I suppose I have to pay for that now
48 Anonymous 2023-11-23T10:25:50
Site might go down for a bit on the 26th of December. I don't like the costs of renewing with hostinger, so I'll move it somewhere I can get a deal
49 Anonymous 2023-12-02T22:58:30
More spam, so much for fartflare huh
50 Anonymous 2023-12-02T23:11:27
it's not a bot, it's some random guy who wants to make money
51 Anonymous 2023-12-06T13:24:56
Kinda sad this place doesn't get more posts.
52 Anonymous 2023-12-09T15:26:19 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: pexels-aidan-roof-2809682.jpg (JPEG, 1.76MB, 3448x4592)
Lurk less.
53 Anonymous 2023-12-24T00:35:19

On another note, thank you for deciding to keep it alive. It's slow here but I like how quiet it is. It reminds me of the very very very early days of textboard and imageboard culture circa 2002-2003 when the first English experiments began, although a lot slower.

If you ever really do want to give up on it, well I know someone not schizo who...
54 Anonymous 2023-12-24T03:36:04
Renewed the domain.
so, we have automatic backups up, and I'm going to move it over to server I use for Kissu's stream platform and some other stuff.
It's practically unused nowadays so ought to be fine.
Anonymous 2023-12-24T11:12:57
What a Christmas gift! I'm so happy!
55 Anonymous 2023-12-29T03:55:23
That was a painful reinstall
56 Anonymous 2023-12-29T05:46:46
I turned down the cloudflare settings so we'll see what the automatic spam becomes
57 Anonymous 2023-12-29T05:56:38 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: Screenshot from 2023-01-25 22-… (PNG, 143.52KB, 792x442)
Some functionality might not be working, so let me know as it happens
58 Anonymous 2024-01-09T08:36:36
I'm still here dammit
59 Anonymous 2024-01-10T10:44:14
Damn this place is slower than 4-ch.
60 Anonymous 2024-01-13T00:03:35
thanks for the post
61 Anonymous 2024-01-15T13:27:41 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: tyler-rogers-rLLI9dYeBss-unspl… (JPEG, 1.01MB, 2400x3200)
62 Anonymous 2024-02-02T14:26:20
I'm glad 4taba didn't get axxed anyway.
63 Anonymous 2024-04-02T06:51:17
Verniy fixed post submission, it's okay to start hanging out here again ´・ω・`
64 Anonymous 2024-04-02T06:57:12
It got 10 pages of wojack spam and I replaced the db with a 24 hour backup, but the backup was still set to root permissions so it didn't write.
65 Anonymous 2024-04-06T14:28:50
im here, i wish this place was more active
66 Anonymous 2024-04-06T16:14:09
I don't think there's a lot of demand for imageboards nowadays. The COVID bump was like the best case for growth without effort. Now only the platforms trying hard will get growth
67 Anonymous 2024-04-16T16:05:09 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: vernon-raineil-cenzon-zAX2uxAd… (JPEG, 442.27KB, 2400x1672)
I stopped by and saw the Jak raid. I'm glad to see that it got cleaned up so well. Thanks for caring for this site Admin!
68 Anonymous 2024-04-20T03:24:48
Thanks for keeping it clean, ota could use an admin like you
69 Anonymous 2024-04-21T07:26:01
Ota could use an admin

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