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The current wave of hip hop is actually really good in a lot of ways. Obviously, as a popular trend, a lot of shit made under it will be trash, but on the whole its great. Rappers are using interesting new flows, theres lots of experimentation with instrumentals, and overall the amount of aesthetics hip hop can convey has been expanded greatly.
The great emphasis on style and attitude is an important part of this. I appreciate meaningful lyrical hip hop, but music doesnt need explicitly meaningful lyrics to be meaningful, and only being able to convey ideas by expressing them directly in clever verse limits what can be expressed. If you want to say 'FUCK THE WORLD' in music, a song that conveys it through tone and aesthetics will do it better than a long, intricate poem that expresses why you want to say that.
Thats why hip-hop is now replacing rock as the popular genre other than pop, its doing what rock has done in the past better than rock is doing it right now.(not to say that I dont like rock or think hip-hop is necessarily better)
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3 Anonymous 2019-05-17T23:15:47
Whenever I see opinions about music like this considering how influential it is, I am reassured the reactionaries are doomed.
4 Anonymous 2019-05-24T13:20:23
glad to see someone else saying this, i've been saying this for years now. the soundcloud rap scene, regardless of your opinions on the quality of the music, is the most creative 'scene' in the arts right now. bunch of people going "fuck the industry, fuck expectations, i'm gonna make what i want" is badass as fuck, and is why a lot of it is super raw and visceral.

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