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File: tecmo super bowl.jpg (JPEG, 28.52 KB, 480x360)
Does anybody here like sports games?

>but anon, sports games are for normalfags and plebeians!

Fuck that. I'm talking about the best sports games throughout history, not EA Shekelfarm 2016.

Anyway, Tecmo Super Bowl for the SNES is the best American football game I've played. I know everyone always talks about the NES version, but this is basically the same game with graphical and mechanical improvements. Tecmo Super Bowl III is good too, and I like the expanded playbook. I have to give the nod to the original because it's aesthetically superior, though; dropping the cartoony look and the music during plays was a mistake. I haven't played II yet, so I can't say anything about it.
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The only time I've played them was when I was forced to. It's not that I don't like them, I'd just rather play something else.
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File: 309471_front.jpg (JPEG, 257.49 KB, 640x1153)
I really like golf and fishing games. One of my favorite games on SNES is Battle Soccer which let's you play with teams of Gundam and Godzilla.

Captain Tsubasa/Tecmo soccer is also really fun.
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File: super mario strikers.jpg (JPEG, 2.09 MB, 1600x1200)
Nice, I'll have to check those out. I'm not a huge soccer fan; do you have any other recommendations for soccer games? My favorite is probably pic related. Football Manager as well, but that's more of a management sim than a "proper" sports game.
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Also, what is the appeal of golf and fishing games for you? I've never really played either.
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I find that they're easy to pass the time with. My time isn't very constrained, so an easy-going golf/fishing game along with some music is a nice way to spend a couple of hours.
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File: mutantscreen009jpg-468x.jpg (JPEG, 45.27 KB, 400x280)
The mutant league games on Genesis were amazing. Lots of silly carnage and one of the ways to win the game is to kill enough of their players so they can't field a whole team. You can bribe refs and do all sorts of other cool stuff, too.
Just hockey and football games, though.
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File: muds.jpg (JPEG, 643.41 KB, 981x1392)
I've heard very good things about the Mutant League games. I've never come across them at any of my local stores or garage sales, so maybe I'll just have to order them from ebay at some point. They sound similar to MUDS, which is a fantasy sports game similar to rugby. You can kill players and bribe refs in that too, for instance.
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File: nfl street.jpg (JPEG, 1.46 MB, 3225x2156)
NFL Street was another fun football series, even if it was kind of stupid trying to apply that hip-hop "street" setting to a football game. Pretty much everything EA Sports Big made was gold, actually. I miss them.

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