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Talk about your favorite local arcades, ask for recommendations for places to go in your area, etc.

One of my personal favorites in Michigan is Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, which brings me to some sad news I just learned while searching for a picture to start this thread. Marvin Yagoda, owner of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, MI, died Sunday, 8 Jan 2017, at the age of 78:


For those who have never been to Marvin's, it's an incredible collection of coin-op arcade machines, including videogames, pinball tables, mechanical novelties, antiques, machines commissioned specificially for the Museum and more. Yagoda founded the arcade in 1990 when his personal collection became too large to contain, and it has been a local landmark ever since. He often stopped by the Museum to hang out and chat with patrons while wearing his trademark suspenders, so many people like myself got to personally meet the man behind the magic. Very sad to see him go, but he lived a long life and touched the lives of a lot of people.

Anyway, sorry to start the thread with a downer, but I thought a little memorial would be appropriate. What arcades do you go to? Anybody else have recommendations for Michigan?
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Sounds like an interesting place.
I live in south Florida, which consists mostly of suburbs. Thus, all arcades are too far away to walk to, and there is no public transportation. Thus, most calendar years in my life are years in which I did not visit an arcade. I can only visit an arcade if I convince my parents to let me go.
However, while forced to go on a road trip with my mother to Orlando in 2016, I went to a Dave and Buster's, twice. It had the newest DDR (DDR A) and I had lots of fun playing, and watching other people play. I also felt my leg muscles growing, after having done that for an entire day.
Interestingly, DDR A was probably the cheapest game in the D&B in terms of $/minute. Other games like Ghost Squad, Daytona USA, and Time Crisis give you game overs so often, you find you're better off not playing at all, if you want to not lose all your money.
3 Player 1969-12-31T17:00:00
I drive past Farmington Hills occasionally but never knew an arcade like that was there. I might need to drop by, thanks OP. There aren't any arcades around me, but as a kid i used to get taken to Dave & Busters and a Marinos in town with a large collection of games and skeeball variations.
4 Player 2019-11-10T09:07:21

For those of you looking for arcades in your area, this map has been invaluable for me. It's pretty extensive and surprisingly accurate for how old some of these additions are. It has never let me down - I've yet to find an arcade on here that doesn't actually exist. I like to travel, and before I do one of my favorite things to add to an itinerary is some local arcades. Most comprehensive in East Asia and the Americas
5 Player 2019-11-10T12:26:45
As a non american/non east asian the closest thing we have are that small space in some amusement parks/bowling alleys with barely any machines or the lone machine in some random bar. I sometimes dream of opening my own arcade here, but I don't think the market's good enough around here and it would require a rather big investment.
6 Player 2019-11-10T21:57:34
just get a wangan midnight maximum tune machine and the whales will start flooding in
7 Player 2019-11-12T12:30:07
There's a Round One in my area
8 Player 2019-11-15T05:44:26
There's one in my neck of the woods as well that I just found out about. Soon to be two. Can't believe it, I spent a lot of time there in Japan so I'm beyond stoked to hit the beatmania machines
9 Player 2019-11-19T20:05:08
I got to play Time Crisis 3 at one of the movie theaters that still bothers to keep at least something up. It's the only game they had but I had a blast. It's so far away that I can barely ever go though, and it doesn't even have other games. I really wish I could play lightgun games more easily.
10 Player 2020-05-10T23:19:54
Marvin's is awesome. It's the only place I know of nearby with a Jubeat machine.

I go to Round1 in Auburn Hills occasionally to play sdvx and iidx.

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