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What does 4taba think of omgmobc?
It's basically just a clone of the old omgpop, if that rings a bell for anyone. There's some really fun games on there, you should definitely try it out when you're feeling bored! My favorite ones are Tonk and 8-ball.

The only problem really is the staff and community, which is a huge downer. Certain features, like for example the option to make a room private, are restricted to star (paying) members only. However, friends of the staff get that status and even more benefits for absolutely free. Some even abuse their status to ruin the fun of others and the worst thing is that they never get punished.
Only good thing is that you don't run into those that often, but it's still annoying and unfair.

The games are still great though.
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>Q: What does PU means in my profile?
>A: PU means Power User, you can start, stop any matches, kick anyone even when not host, nobody can kick you. We do not grant Power User to people that ask for Power User. Abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated.

Yeah, the admins sound like a piece of work.

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