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1 Player 2018-05-16T21:53:43 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: kof-terry-bogard2.jpg (JPEG, 86.97 KB, 640x800)
Picked up Rivals of Aether recently, and playing around with that rekindled my desire to play more fighting games. Politics about whether Smash-likes are fighters aside, the amount of fierce competition and people striving to be better for its own sake really sparked a flame in my heart, even if said feeling came at the cost of about 100 losses before I started really understanding the game. It makes me hungry for more, in addition to still having a fondness for SNK games. In fact I expect my next game purchase (Assuming I pass on Ikaruga for the time being), will be KOF 2k2 UM, since it's light enough for my laptop to run well. I was also considering Koihime Enbu, since I like how grounded and neutral based it is, but I admit the artwork put me off.

You guys play any fighters? What sort are you favorites? Characters you main?
2 Player 2018-05-17T00:11:37
I've never really been a fighter guy, and I haven't played Smash in ages. I miss playing it with my brothers. I wish I was a child again.
But I hope you have fun, Anon. Or Player, I guess.
3 Player 2018-05-18T06:54:55 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: DYegA5NU8AAYM2o.jpg (JPEG, 132.51 KB, 1180x787)
I like fighting games but I'm a casual scrub because I live in a place where I can't play online reliably and there's no one to play with locally. I just go with bots and that's quite fun. I prefer singleplayer anyway.
I wanted to get like, Tekken or Street Fighter a not too long ago but they're hella huge so I ended up getting Big Bang Beat. I like using that fox girl and teleporting behind opponents. I've been meaning to try other games but I keep forgetting.
I also tried getting into Rivals of The Aether because it's sorta like Smash but I thought all the characters were lame as hell so I dropped it after a while. Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu is great as well. It reminds me of a certain game I played on the school computers that had the screen completely filled with characters and you had to fight through all of them (I think).
4 Player 2018-05-18T09:58:25
I'm relatively new to fighters, but right now I'm playing Melty Blood which I'm enjoying. I can't say which is ones are my favorite since I haven't put much time in anything but Melty. I play C-Tohno right now, he's the protag so he's pretty simple but I wouldn't call him easy, if that makes sense.
5 Player 2018-05-18T11:03:50
> I also tried getting into Rivals of The Aether because it's sorta like Smash but I thought all the characters were lame as hell so I dropped it after a while.

Despite liking the game a lot, I agree that much of the cast is generic, verging on being functions. The design sense seems to be picking up with DLC like Sylvanos and Ranno, but the Rivals aren't really marketable on their own.

Which nakes it sad that RoA easily has the best and most appealing designs out of the current popular Smash clones. Brawlhalla and Icons have designs that are so free2play it hurts, down to Brawlhalla calling their fighters 'legends'. Brawlout's cast is completely overshadowed by the Drifter alone, I sometimes forget the game even has character outside of the Drifter, Juan, and that dumb LuchaFrog. It's just a mess right now.

To not make this post 100% negative: RoA has a really cool intro. Of I saw that at an arcade, I'd dump my quarters on it quick.
6 Player 2018-05-20T16:39:03 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: nina.jpg (JPEG, 68.8 KB, 1200x658)
Tekken is my favorite fighting series. Used to main Miguel but switched to Nina in T7. Other than Tekken I only play skullgirls and marvel 2/3 casually.
7 Player 2018-06-27T17:00:23 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1463566160796.jpg (JPEG, 170.93 KB, 1280x1024)
who meltan here?
8 Player 2018-06-28T20:37:13
Picked up a few games from the Steam sale: KOF XIII, Koihime Enbu, and Skullgirls.

KOF is about as fun as I expected, and of course looks gorgeous. I was surprised at how few moves everyone has. I have heard that they had to decrease the move count due to how long it took to make sprites, and that sounds believable enough. One detail I found funny is that each time I tried to use Zanretsu-ken with Ryo, I'd end up throwing out Hao-kens repeatedly.

Koihime took a little to click, but I really get the feeling that the devs tried to make every move matter. It feels kind of like an easy-input game. Not to the level of Rising Thunder (which I'm torying around with too), but still pretty forgiving with execution. Single hits are super important, even with computers, and it's difficult to start a combo.

I still need to try out Skullgirls, I only tested it out to see if it worked.
9 Player 2018-06-29T16:03:04 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 130305-umihara.jpg (JPEG, 88.46 KB, 480x480)

Why did they give Umihara Kawase "Maiden Masher"?
10 Player 2018-06-30T20:36:29
They had a Day 0 tournament for Blade Strangers at WNF. It looks like it something akin to Koihime Enbu, being a throwback to older fighters and considerably slowed down. Fundementals look to be emphasized more than anything else, as shown in this video, and a lot of things look unsafe on block, with some moves even being unsafe on hit.

This may be a good idea, since many people who played the games the guest(?) characters come from (Cave Story, Gunvolt, Shovel Knight, etc) may not know how to play fighting games, so a slower pace and less absurd technical shenanigans is a good way to make it more welcoming without making it brain dead.

Solange looks utterly disgusting with her normals. I initially though notNu-13 was going to completely dominate the tournament with her absurd boss-like moves, but Solange shut her shenanigans down considerably.
11 Player 2018-07-02T21:48:51
I'm huge on Smash, I used to play Sm4sh in local tourneys, and for the past year I've been playing Melee. Rivals of Aether looks fun, but I haven't tried it.
Recently, a friend and I picked up that Jojo fighting game as well as Touhou Hisoutensoku, they've both been a blast. Not sure if I'll keep at them though.
Besides that, I've played tiny amounts of Skullgirls, Guilty Gear, and Blazblue.

I just picked up Melty Blood, it looks like a fun time. I haven't tried it yet though. Know if online works on GNU/Linux?
12 Player 2018-07-05T08:27:39
I ended up grabbing UNIEL during the summer sale. I've been hearing so many good things about it that I just had to give it a shot. I was sueprised to find thay it's commands and inputs were so simple. I guess I still had the impression that ArcSys games had a bunch of difficult systems to learn.

With games like this I wonder why 4v whines about inputs so much.
13 Player 2018-07-07T01:48:51
If you want to play Melty online you'll probably want to get the community version since it has better netplay, and that's what everyone else plays on. If you aren't opposed to discord, there's an active melty discord that's great for finding games and asking questions.
As for GNU/Linux, I don't know. I think it would work but I'm not certain.
14 Player 2018-08-01T08:28:11
I've been dipping my feet into a lot of the more popular games that are out currently (SFV, GG, BB, BBTAG) and I'm excited for UNIST to finally get a PC release soon. It's aesthetic and gameplay seem to be exactly what I'm looking for.
15 Player 2018-11-20T18:39:18
I tried Soul Calibur 2 on a game cube emu for the first time ever recently and it feels like such an amazing game. The movement was blowing my mind and every character had a fun moveset. The soundtrack is really good too
16 Player 2018-11-29T12:47:31
I play unist and melty mostly, I like them even though I'm not that good,
17 Player 2018-12-18T18:18:21
I started playing P4AU, nowhere near confident enough to play against anyone but the CPU yet. It's pretty fun playing as (Shadow) Naoto, setting traps and attempting to land a Hama or Mudo, even though it's more like a game of hit-and-run/keep-away with this character.

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