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1 Player 2018-09-09T15:42:55
Ive been playing STALKER mods lately.
I love the gamplay changes MISERY makes. Starting with the black road start, where you spawn in the dead of night in a house surrounded by zombies, with nothing but a flashlight and an axe, your PDA is dead, no food or armor, far away from skadovsk or any safety really, was very fun. Then with the increased prices, more lethal combat, radiation, and anomalies, and starting with no money, having to survive the zone like that, was also fun. And they add more stuff you have to spend money on too, and more camping-survivalist-/k/ fantasy sort of shit, which is all great. But they just had to go and rewrite all the dialogue to be stupid grimdark shit, and turn the graphics BROWN.
It seems like the Dead Air mod is like MISERY without those deal breakers, and it also has all the maps from both shadow of chernobyl and call of pripyat. It has all the cool new survival features, so far it seems to preserve the increased difficulty, but it doesn make all the dialogue grimdark and turn everything brown. you can even install a patch for 'summer vegtation', and everything is green.
This really was a dealbreaker with MISERY, STALKER Isnt STALKER without the moments of beauty and comfort that stand out all the more against the harsh, unforgiving background. People find squatting by the campfire eating diet sausage and drinking rotgut vodka so comfy because theres a real difference between that safety and the bloodsucker infested night outside.

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