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1 Player 2018-09-20T19:19:51
Just this year, I began playing Valve games for the first time. But I've noticed, for the multiplayer games where people run their own servers, it's incredibly hard to find vanilla, unmodded servers. What do I do? Do any of you guys want to play hl2dm or CS?
2 Player 2018-09-24T05:05:07
I grew up playing valve games. Multiplayer in particular, and in fact I still play cs 1.6.
What you describe is usually what people say is the reason these games last so long. Some of these games are nearly 20yrs old and they have player bases 10x larger than some modern games.

My memories playing these games are kind of funny because it's like every time I go back to them there's some new fad going on. You stop playing for a few years and then come back and see nothing but "warcraft 3" servers and get into that for a while. Then you stop and come back and it's all about 24/7 awp maps, gun game, bunnyhopping servers, surf, conc jumping, jail break, kreedz climbing, zombie mod, or hide-n-seek (which I fucking LOVED, it was like bunny hopping battles) to name a few.

I guess it would be probably overwhelming to come into it now and see all this at once but you can't expect people to just keep playing the same one game over and over all this time and still have a decent playerbase. The game modes sort of ebb and flow, old trends are recycled or new ones pop up all the time.
In fact I would say that "vanilla" is actually one such trend. It comes and goes, you may come back a year from now and actually find it easier to get into a vanilla server.

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