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Post some game ideas you've had.
I was just playing Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is a great game. But I want more.
I think a Switch sequel would be great, and this is what I'd do. Spoilers for Uprising ahead.
[spoiler] I the first, Pit defeats Hades, who was manipulating Medusa to create a war and harvest souls. Now, the last time I played this was years ago, and I haven't finished my replay yet, so I'm still a bit rusty on all of the plot, but I'll make some assumptions, which may be contradicted in Uprising. Now, in the new game, it'd be cool if it was made clear that he's actually great at his job, but just hates it. He handles everyone, and tortures the evil, sets the mediocre to work for a while, before he has to release them, and sends the good on their way. So, he started the war to harvest mediocre souls to set them to work. Maybe this is the first time he's really done something like this, and isn't really a villain, just an asshole who hates his necessary job. But for what did he need these souls? Maybe Tartarus needed renovations, which is why he started the war. But now he can't really get those started, because, even with the extra souls from the war he lost, without him administrating it, his underlings are hopeless. So, the Underworld's in chaos without a good boss in charge, and Tartarus has been forgotten. The game starts with Pit being sent to investigate crazy activity from Hades' and Medusa's former servants, and, after five chapters of investigation, he discovers that they had been fleeing one of the weaker Titans, who had escaped and taken over the Underworld, as well as some of Hades' underlings, but not all. So, then there are five more chapters to defeat him, all similar to the chapters in Uprising in form. Then, after defeating the Titan, Pit discovers that anther, stronger, one has escaped. Instead of fighting him and giving others time to escape, Pit searches for help to fix the seal. He asks some of the other Gods and characters like Dark Pit and that human guy to help for about ten chapters, avoiding the second Titan's forces, and occasionally seeing the other bosses from the other games, like the Hewdraw and others, for about ten-fifteen chapters. He doesn't get much help. Through this, a lot of plot and worldbuilding should happen. Why is Palutena the Goddess of Light? Why wasn't, say, Zeus present in Uprising? Maybe they were more like in the stories a hundred years ago, but then many decided to stop interfering in the mortal world for some big reason, leaving Palutena in charge and Gods who didn't retreat, like Medusa and Hades, still around. Here a lot of history can be referenced. Maybe Medusa was defeated by Perseus many years ago. Also, Pit's backstory can come up, as well as the other Angels. Just having other characters like that would be great. Pit, perhaps, isn't a real Angel, though he doesn't know that. He's really Icarus, and, after escaping from Crete with his father Daedalus, fell into the sea. Daedalus lived the rest of his life thinking his son was dead, but Palutena rescued him, and turned him into an Angel, albeit an imperfect one, while he lost his memory. This could come out through some chapters where he explores the Maze, and sees stuff his father invented, in some attempt to collect weapons, or something. Also, Dionysus needs to be a character. A fun guy who's secretly really powerful, and rallies the other Gods to help Pit by the end. This whole thing could be around 30-40 chapters, and could have all the similar collecting stuff, like the weapons, powers, idols, puzzle pieces, et cetera as the first, with a little overworld acting as a hub for everything, as well as having other Angel characters. Also, there should be even more of all the collecting stuff, and real minigame type stuff which you can access from the hub, which could be Pit's house, which you can customize, and the surrounding neighborhood. Beyond that,there could be mini quests, which aren't real chapters or required for the story-mode, but could be fun, include more story, and come into use in the other chapters and mini-chapters based upon what you did in the past. Maybe a new one opening up every other chapter and being diverse in purpose and style could be good. If each was about half a chapter in length, and there were half as many as there are chapters, and there were, say, 40 chapters, that'd be great. Plus the collections, minigames, diversity of story, including extra stuff in chapters based upon other stuff you've done, and multiplayer, it could be really fantastic. I've been thinking about this on and off all day, while doing other stuff. What do you think? Anyone who liked Kid Icarus: Uprising have any thoughts? Do you have any videogame ideas? Is this too autistic for you? [spoiler]
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Oh, and I thought of a control scheme, too.
L is shooting or melee, depending on how close you are, with the left circle, by default, as the movement, pad, while the right controls the reticle, though you can also set motion controls and the touchscreen to control the reticle. With powers like the first game, but they're stacked two in a row. So moving to the side on the D-pad moves them, but up uses the one on the top, while down uses the one on the bottom, and you can set the powers in whatever order you like. Then A can be used to always melee, and B to always shoot, unlike L, which uses either based upon the distance of the target. Then X jumps, and Y ducks. All of these change based upon which direction you move while using them, like ducking and moving will roll, et cetera, like the attacks in the first game. Also, distance shots still charge, of course. Then R can be used to switch ABYX with the D-pad, so you could, say, still move with the left circle pad, while selecting a power with the ABYX buttons, which would be super useful. As it is, you have to stand still while selecting, pretty much. Then L2 could be a camera thing, while R2 could either change weapons, if you could hold two, or just use even more alternate moves for ABYX. Then you could collect taunts in the game, while you start with just three. + and - could be regular taunts, which you can set with either, while pressing both at once could be super taunts, which are a different category than regular ones and are cooler.
I have entirely too much time on my hands.
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I've revised the cotrol scheme a bit before class.
R is camera. Normally, moving the reticle with the right pad won't move the way you face, until it reaches the edge of the screen, before slwoing move your face. But when you hold down R, the area in which the reticle moves is shrunk to being just the area the reticle was when you pressed R, and a small space around it, and the reticle moves faster, allowing for you to quickly turn around. L2 now switches the letter buttons with the D-pad, while R2 becomes a utility button. For the weapons that let you hold two, this will switch which one you use, while in most weapons, you might only have one alternate move, which this lets you use. For some, you might have none. This could be customisable, letting you add an alternate move to a few weapons. In addition, it could use the extra moves when in a vehicle. Pressing down on the left circle pad could let you enter and exit a vehicle.
Other than that, I live what else I came up with.
I just like to imagine stuff. It fills time and entertains me, and I hope it entertains you, too. I also love hearing others' ideas.
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