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【13】Webcomics [last50 /co/]

Can we have a webcomic thread? Let's recomend or post updates to obscure and not really webcomics.

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【14】Untitled [last50 /co/]

Since 4chan keeps deleting Homestuck threads, can we have one here?

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【12】Untitled [last50 /co/]

Everyone seems pretty divided about modern cartoons. Depending on who you ask we're either in a new golden age or in a new dark age. I feel like I'm the only one who thinks it's somewhere inbetween.

The likes of Steven Universe or Adventure Time really don't measure up to what was being done in the late 80s through the early 2000s, but at the same time they easily beat the garbage that was being churned out in the 60s through the early 80s.

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【11】Untitled [last50 /co/]

Who's the Most Remarkable Extra-Ordinary Fellow?

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【9】 [last50 /co/]

Anyone seen this yet? I watched it last night on CN. The most impressive stuff in the movie was animated by porigoshi unsurprisingly. The music was also good, and that nosebleed Steven got when he was punched surprised me. I almost wish this wasn't a TV movie

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【10】 [last50 /co/]

What's the best place, with no terrible ads or viruses, to download western cartoons, like Nyaa for anime?
I just want to watch Johnny Bravo.

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【8】Western animation thoughts [last50 /co/]

Inspired by the random thoughts thread

Cartoons were at their best from the mid 80s through the early 2000s. If you want a definitive range, it would probably be 1987-2005, although there were good shows made both before and after, just far less frequently.

I liked OK K.O a lot, but I can 100% see how it flopped. It was an otaku oriented show on a network who's primary demographic is teens who probably didn't get half the things the show was referencing. It also had a very funky art style that I know for a fact turned off a ton of people who would have probably otherwise loved it.

People like filmation cartoons and that's mystery to me. All their cartoons looked like dogshit and had even worse writing. He-man is a particularly bad one, yet it seems to be the most popular of their shows. Why?

I frequently see people calling the current popular style "the thing that's killing western animation" and how everything would be better if we got rid of it. This is a very backwards way of thinking. Western cartoons got worse because of a dwindling number of genres and styles, and replacing the current dominant style with another one would only briefly distract from what is a much bigger underlying issue.

Most of Netflix's animated shows have been really freaking good. The internet is predisposed to dislike them though because of that thing the modern web does where if someone fucks up once or twice they're always bad forever.

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【7】 [last50 /co/]

Can someone tell me who started that gay trend of reanimating episodes of popular cartoons? Every single one is always the same (ren&stimpy faces, shitty tweened animation, jojo/chris chan/sleepycabin/twitter reference, etc). Modern newgrounds is such a shithole

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So is the movie this LED display was promoting actually good, or was the same display being mistaken as a bomb the only good thing that came out of it

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【6】 [last50 /co/]

New ZIM movie coming out in two weeks and the creator already bullycided a girl on twitter. Reminds me of the time where Jhonen would cuss kids out on AIM back when he had more of a rep for treating fans like shit

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rick and morty seems ok

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penis penis penis

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