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Futa ba
2 変態 2019-06-29T18:59:42
Why does the rabbit have a jew willy?
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she’s a rabbi
6 変態 2019-06-29T22:22:01
just gonna bump so that combo works
7 変態 2019-06-29T22:22:24
wait nevermind that's not how it works
8 変態 2019-06-29T22:23:13
wait it might one second
9 変態 2019-06-30T08:02:31
The more important question is why do uncircumcised japanese boys draw white jew willies? Is it because they watch a lot of american porn?
10 変態 2019-06-30T11:46:10
Prolly. Japan has a weird fetish for American media
11 変態 2019-07-01T08:42:47
When an uncircumcised penis gets erect, the skin retracts from the head unless you have phimosis.
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13 変態 2020-01-22T11:54:41
Please help me understand the relation between futanari and newhalf. My Google searches do not help and I reckon that someone here likely knows about it.

My impression at first was that these were physical descriptors - that is, it only describes whether the girl has a vagina or not. This is the way it's commonly used in the West. However I ran into a doujin that had futanari in its title but no hermaphrodites in sight, the work was tagged as shemale.

To make matters more confusing, futanari and newhalf works are both sold at the Futaket convention.

Is newhalf not used as a physical description in Japan? When a Japanese person refers to a character as a newhalf, is the implication that the character transitioned? It has nothing to do with their physical appearance?
14 変態 2020-01-24T21:39:06
Newtype are a kind of futanari introduced by the 機動戦士ガンダム franchise. I hope I helpful.
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File: 77067092_p0.jpg (JPEG, 599.96KB, 1500x1061)
Futanari means both male and female genitalia is present, with or without testicles. The penis could be there from birth or it can be a result of magic or anything else. The character is always a "she" unless there's some villainy involved.
Newhalf means the character has a penis, balls and no vagina. In Japanese media it's majorly stressed that the character used to be (or is still considered) male and lines like "I can't believe I'm touching a guy's butt" and such is extremely common. There's a major distinction between the two in Japan, but it does make sense that both would be at Futaket due to a shared fanbase.
Futanari is by far the majority of content in Japan, but newhalf (shemale) is by far the majority in the West, however Western artists consider them both to be women unlike Japan unless indicated otherwise by the artist. I don't think it's a politically correct thing as much as it's Japan has a line in the sand for which is used for which stories. You're simply not going to draw a newhalf unless the story calls for someone that used to be outwardly male and the "world" knows it. Males can turn into futanari, but it's very rare and often leans to a full-on sex change

We tried for two decades to get people to properly label stuff as "newhalf" or "shemale" instead of futanari, but we lost hard. I'll always be partial to 'dickgirl' for nostalgic purposes and also that it avoids any complications like this.
16 変態 2020-01-26T03:18:26
Thank you for the explanation, I appreciate it. Looking back at the doujin, there's no clear shot of the girl's rear end (there is one in a small panel but the omission of the vagina doesn't feel intentional, rather the panel is just low detail) so given tagging rules I can see how a work that was clearly meant to be futanari (given the title) ended up being tagged shemale. The question is then how many other futanari works have the shemale tag?

For me it's frustrating having to search for both futanari and shemale when truthfully I don't have a particular fascination with either, I just like 'dickgirls' as you say. I don't care if a vagina is present since I came for the dick and I'd rather not be reminded that the character is a biological male because when a newhalf says "oh why would you be interested in an old man like me" I instantly imagine an old man and it kills my boner. Usually the reference to them being biologically male is more subtle thankfully so it's easy to ignore, and in some works it's not referenced at all (aside from "ass-pussy" which I unfortunately associate with traps).

There is something interesting I would like to note, in regards to newhalfs and futanari being very specifically used for different stories/scenarios. There is a character from I believe a nukige called The Great Deceiver (prequel to Starless) who is biologically female but had her vagina replaced with a penis and balls through some advanced medical procedures. On VNDB she is tagged as a shemale/newhalf, which sparked a debate on the forums. If these established lines in the sand as you say aren't supposed to be crossed, why was she made to be that way? Not to mention that the Starless universe has legitimate futanari.
17 変態 2020-02-06T22:37:04
>The question is then how many other futanari works have the shemale tag?
Which site? It's almost never enforced on Western sites. Pixiv still generally has people yelling at Western artists for tagging newhalf as futanari, and reading the rest of your post it seems VNDB has some good people on it.

>...who is biologically female but had her vagina replaced with a penis and balls through some advanced medical procedures On VNDB she is tagged as a shemale/newhalf, which sparked a debate on the forums.

Interesting... I had no idea vndb even had a forum. Must be my aversion to creating accounts that blocks me from seeing it.
I'd agree with the tagging of shemale/newhalf, but it's certainly a grey area. Visually, there's a very specific anatomical feature that futanari have, vaginas, and if that's not present that's going to displease some people. Then when it comes to story there's the fact that it's not her natural state, which means there's definitely going to be dialog pointing that out. It's a different kind of gender change, but it's definitely fits the category in my opinion.

>Not to mention that the Starless universe has legitimate futanari.

In the Starless world futanari are a result of repeated incest if I remember right, and one of the endings even included reproductive self-cest.
18 変態 2020-02-10T17:38:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: Donut man.jpg (JPEG, 52.98KB, 500x377)
dunno bro. I was just there, sitting in my room, and then people started writing 20 lines long posts about penises. shit was so cash

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