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【21】 [last50 /d/]

2ch thread

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【19】Ganguro thread [last50 /d/]


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【28】. [last50 /d/]


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【6】Gomennasai -- Anoko wa Toshi Densetsu [last50 /d/]

Hey there, cats and kittens. Are you sitting at your computer on a Friday night with nothing better to do than jerk it to cartoon pictures of little girls? I'm your host, the late night lolicon, and we're in for a real treat tonight. Now, some of you are probably familiar with tonight's story. It's from the artist Gomennasai, one of the stars of the scene, and this is without a doubt his magnum opus. When a mysterious girl appears in our hero's life, he fears that she is the legendary Zangyaku-san, feared as a monster by lolicon everywhere. He vows to defeat her, and their lives become irrevocably intertwined. If you haven't read this before, be warned that this is not your everyday, 22-page loli story; you're in for a hundred and twenty-two pages of frenetic erotic action, and you may be laughing and crying more than you are fapping!

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Futa ba

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【23】 [last50 /d/]

Have you ever used the DeepCreamPy decensor thing? https://github.com/deeppomf/DeepCreamPy
The second version is supposed to be released sometime this summer.
It uses a neural network thingie and your graphics card to decensor line censors. The next version is supposed to add better support to mosaics.
Here is the "before picture" (you use green to mark the target area)

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【1】Booty [last50 /d/]

there's nothing better in this world that a fine booty

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post boob insects

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【8】Crop thread [last50 /d/]

Let's see your crops, /d/eviants.

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【13】where's our friday night porn [last50 /d/]

is that poster dead?
if you can still respond please tell us, did you get your promised 72 lolis?

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No more loli days?

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So, uh, what kind of doujins do you like?

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【4】 [last50 /d/]

do we discuss non-h doujinshi here too or is that in manga? also shouldn't hentai come before doujinshi in the title either way? has a better ring to it

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【16】 [last50 /d/]

>jacking off
>search whatever tag you like in sadpanda

>pick something with a nice cover

>150 pages

>start reading

>hot first section, keep reading, keep jacking

>starts veering into a story


How do you feel about porn comics with stories?

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Look at my p◯ssy!

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>The principle behind Fap Hero is quite simple: you have to fap with the rhythm, while watching hentai anime extracts. You have to beat it to the beat, yes. Now to spice things up, there are some rules: no stopping, no looking away, no cumming. For 40 minutes. Do you think you can do that easily ? Hell you’ll be glad when comes the rest periods, ’till you can master the game


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【10】Lolidom [last50 /d/]

Hey there, my fellow Americans, and other citizens of the world. You probably already know that this cutie pie will not be the next president of these United States of America. I'm your host, the late night lolicon, and in light of the election results, I'm going to give you a basket of the loli girls who will dominate you instead!

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【9】Inuboshi -- Tsukimisou no Akari [last50 /d/]

Hey there, guys and dolls. Are you suffering from a severe loli deficiency? This is your host, the late night lolicon, coming to you on yet another Friday night with the cure for what ails ya. We saw the latest work from longstanding lolicon superstar Inuboshi in the Halloween special last Friday. Tonight, we're going to go back to her most notorious story. Even if you haven't read these six chapters before, you've undoubtedly seen pictures of the star of the story, Akari-Chan, asking her now-famous question, "what are we going to do on the bed? pomf=3"

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【7】Halloween Special [last50 /d/]

Hey there, boys and girls. It's Friday night again, and you know what that means. Is there a hole in your heart that only the most adorable little girls can fill? I'm your host, the late night lolicon, and we've got a holiday special for you tonight. Halloween is only three days away, so tonight we're going to read some stories with the spookiest little lolis you've ever laid eyes on. The girls will range from a normal trick-or-treater whose only magical power is her natural girlish charm all the way to a genuine succubus. So, without further delay, let's start the show!

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massage it