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1 Admin 2018-05-12T20:57:22 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1414979226053.jpg (JPEG, 384.05 KB, 1412x1000)
Please use this thread to report bugs and give feedback. Or start a new thread for more active discussion.
Feel free to also report issues directly on our GitHub:
2 Anonymous 2018-05-12T23:13:29 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: new 4taba.png (PNG, 157.55 KB, 990x742)
I'm not a big fan of this new aesthetic.
3 Anonymous 2018-05-12T23:53:14
You don't mean the Tomorrow theme is stuck on do you? It's supposed to be an optional theme for people who want it dark. Can you change it in the top right corner to "Default"?
4 Anonymous 2018-05-13T00:09:00
bug: inline image expansion doesn't seem to work
feedback: the sticky logo looks like cum
5 Anonymous 2018-05-13T00:20:12
It could also be because the javascript file "main.js" was changed a lot and you might still have the old version? Either just wait a while and try again, or try clearing your cache to get the new one. It could be Cloudflare
6 Anonymous 2018-05-13T00:22:43
Just purged the Cloudflare cache so that might help.
7 Anonymous 2018-05-13T00:33:09
I don't mean Tomorrow, but the stuff like the blue lines of the borders of posts and the other changes to how it all looks. You know?
8 Anonymous 2018-05-13T00:41:35
That's understandable since I suck at design. Just tell me what you all want changed.
9 Anonymous 2018-05-13T01:10:41
I just liked the old look, if you know what I mean. I can't really be more specific.
10 Anonymous 2018-05-13T01:23:46
Yeah, I'd have to agree with >>9 the old orange-ish look was better, maybe add it as another theme?
11 Anonymous 2018-05-13T01:33:57 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: screen.png (PNG, 313.48 KB, 1167x949)
Are you sure we're seeing the same things? This is what I see, and it's really similar to how it was before, except I changed a bit of spacing on the post divs, their borders, and the background image on /all/.
Other than that 2 themes were removed, like the one with the red background on the Computer boards and the blue/yellow theme that we used to have for unlisted boards. The rest is pretty much the same I think.
12 Anonymous 2018-05-13T01:36:05
Minor suggestion, perhaps /d/ could have 変態 as its replacement of Anonymous?
13 Anonymous 2018-05-13T01:37:02
Interesting, it's completely gray for me.
14 Anonymous 2018-05-13T01:44:52
Well sometimes browsers (and especially Cloudflare) cache things, so maybe it'll just take a while to get the new versions. But it could also be that when I'm messing around with the themes I sometimes get lazy and just put duplicate entries (like multiple background declarations). Firefox is pretty good about overriding them correctly so it works for me, but I'll go through the stylesheet and make sure to remove all of the extra stuff to see if that helps.

That's a great idea, I think I'll use it
16 Anonymous 2018-05-13T04:23:47
I just want to let you know that I really dig the /cc/ theme
17 Anonymous 2018-05-13T06:37:46
What happened to multi-file posts? Even if multi-file uploading is disabled at the moment, we still ought to be able to see all the files for posts that have already been made.

I liked it better when the threads were about the full width of the available screen area. The width changing with every thread in the index looks messy to me.
18 Anonymous 2018-05-13T07:24:52
Some posts that used to have multiple files:

By the way, you don't need Javascript to do multi-file upload; you can just add the
multiple[/code] attribute to your file [code]input

As a side note, the syntax for links including cross-board links should probably be documented in the FAQ.
19 Anonymous 2018-05-13T07:25:49
Is it this, then?
20 Anonymous 2018-05-13T07:26:59
Or this?
21 Anonymous 2018-05-13T08:29:14
I still cant post in netsurf, and now all the threads have a big field of blank space after them on netsurf too
also, a minor complaint, but i thought the vertical japanese on the front page was cute
22 Anonymous 2018-05-13T09:51:47
I think it the menu bar would look better if its color was consistent throughout the website.
23 Anonymous 2018-05-13T10:35:28
This is the right way to do the links, so that's a bug. I'll check it out.
24 Anonymous 2018-05-13T10:57:22
I'll install netsurf and make sure it's working soon. Also I only removed the vertical text because it seemed a bit redundant. The name of the site appeared 4 times. I was actually trying to come up with some different text to put in there
25 Anonymous 2018-05-14T15:42:13 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: ohno.jpg (JPEG, 36.63 KB, 500x583)
I cant post in mothra without uploading an image anymore, also, on account of not being able to select image disabled. no checkbox now
26 Anonymous 2018-05-14T17:18:06
Alright thanks, I'll do some testing in different browsers. I really thought that just by removing dependence on javascript that it would take care of all the issues in the more obscure browsers but I guess not. Can't be lazy.
27 Anonymous 2018-05-15T04:48:23
Also going to advocate for somehow adding the old style as some kind of theme. I mean, I'll probably get used to it, but this is all just so different...
28 Anonymous 2018-05-15T12:39:51
I don't know, this just seems funny to me because it really looks almost the same as before to me.
I mean, take this screenshot for example >>11
Are you telling me that that screenshot looks significantly different to you from how the site was before? Or are you telling me that what you're seeing on your screen is significantly different from that?

I'm not trying to be an ass, I just can't help if I don't understand what the problem is. And right now I don't understand.
Let me try to fix up the stylesheet like I mentioned earlier and remove all the extra shit I have in it, because maybe it's causing issues and you all just aren't seeing what I'm seeing.
After that, if it's still not good then we can talk about fixing it or restoring the old theme. But it would be helpful to get some more information on what exactly doesn't look right.
For starters, there's 7 different themes. Which theme is it that's bother you? Or is it somehow all of them?
29 Anonymous 2018-05-16T12:33:06
Taba-tan, it seems like only /meta/ has this grey design for me.
30 Anonymous 2018-05-16T17:45:31
Well that's just the new theme for unlisted boards. It's supposed to be gray/purple.
So is it just that one theme that's bothering you all then? Because fixing 1 theme is easy (or even just replacing it with a different one altogether). You all had me worried that I was going to have to completely redo the css for all 7 themes again.
31 Anonymous 2018-05-16T18:10:51
I cleaned up the stylesheet a bit, and added some more color to the unlisted theme.
But honestly I totally understand if the unlisted theme sucks. I guess the idea I had was to give the unlisted boards a sort of "blank" look. But I have no problem changing it.

Would it be better if I just gave it a different background, instead of solid grey?
32 Anonymous 2018-05-16T18:22:10
I think posting from Netsurf should work now. Let me know if it doesn't.
I can't for the life of me figure out why the hell there is so much blank space at the end of threads though. It's almost like there is some min-height attribute but there's nothing there.
I'll keel looking.
33 Anonymous 2018-05-16T19:56:10
Not that guy but Netsurf is experimental and imperfect anyway. Don't worry too much about it IMO.
34 Anonymous 2018-05-16T20:05:12
I still think obscure browsers are a nice way to test how simple the site is though. I actually had the same posting issue testing it in dillo, and the same large whitespace issue even in firefox if I enable LibreJS.
I've fixed both of those test cases though, so hopefully that'll take care of it on Netsurf too. I have it on my laptop so I can try it later.
35 Anonymous 2018-05-16T20:10:21
Forgot to mention that Mothra should be working now too.
36 Anonymous 2018-05-16T21:42:20
Ok, I changed the grey unlisted theme to this green/orange tatami theme. Is this better?
38 Anonymous 2018-05-17T02:20:55
39 Anonymous 2018-05-20T10:46:36 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: bug.png (PNG, 176.38 KB, 1386x411)
well this happened, I don't see it happening to any other threads so it might be just the top . Only the very last post is being shown and it says 34 posts omitted while actually omitting 36. Seems to only happen on /all/
40 Anonymous 2018-05-20T16:32:22
Isn't that because >>15 and >>37 were deleted
42 Anonymous 2018-05-21T13:18:30
Yeah the only problem here is the username color. It's a sticky thread so it should only display the last post by design
43 Anonymous 2018-05-21T14:02:43
Does the "Get new posts" button work?
44 Anonymous 2018-05-21T14:47:44
No, mine doesn't work either.
45 Anonymous 2018-05-26T02:51:22
>It's a sticky thread so it should only display the last post by design

oh, I didn't realize that was a design of stickies. Most imageboards have at most 2 posts including the OP for stickies and it wasn't detailed in the faq so there I had no reason to think it would be different from another thread in this respect.
46 Anonymous 2018-06-01T10:48:22
That's how it's done on 4chan. Only 1 post is visible from stickies.
47 Anonymous 2018-06-03T11:29:29
Why is shitaba moving so fast? It's starting to get hard to keep track of things... Where did all these new users come from?
48 Anonymous 2018-06-03T12:56:05
I think there's one or two guys replying to a bunch of old threads
49 Anonymous 2018-06-03T19:04:07
>It's starting to get hard to keep track of things

Is there really a problem? I've always thought that 4taba could use a bit more speed.
50 Anonymous 2018-06-03T21:35:27
Probably this. I've noticed it in the past too when we just get a few new users the threads rotate a lot more. I think it's because they just peruse around more to get caught up on stuff and end up replying to old threads without realizing how old they are.
I think it's a good thing though. Even if it's not as many new users as you'd think, just cycling threads helps get more active posting.
51 Anonymous 2018-06-05T08:58:33
[ /f/ /ho/ ]
I forgot /v/ existed because it disappeared.
52 Anonymous 2018-06-08T19:50:43
i don't care whether I or someone else replies to year+ old threads, although if it's just to bump the thread that's obviously a bad post but someone else could still add something to an old thread.
56 Anonymous 2018-06-09T15:37:29
I tried getting the code up on Github to run locally, and these were the little issues I encountered along the way:

The BasePath variable is set not in the configuration file local_settings.py but in server.py and also independently in dbmigrate.
This means if I want to put the files anywhere but /home/wwwrun/4taba/, I would have to edit the source code. I ended up adding a symlink for now, and it seems to be working.
Is this variable needed at all? Can't it just be determined at runtime from __file__ or inspect.stack()?

The dbinit script seems to want to be run by nix-shell, but this is not listed in the requirements.
It worked fine when run as `python3 dbinit`, though.

Early in getting it to work, I encountered this error:
File "[redacted]/server.py", line 47, in <module>
PageHeader = f.read()
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/encodings/ascii.py", line 26, in decode
return codecs.ascii_decode(input, self.errors)[0]
The issue is that the text encoding used by open() is locale-dependent, and Apache on my system is running in the C locale.
I was able to fix this by adding
[code]WSGIDaemonProcess 4taba lang='en_US.UTF-8' locale='en_US.UTF-8'
WSGIProcessGroup 4taba

in the VirtualHost part of my config file, but it would probably be a good idea to specify the encoding here.

Other than that, things were fairly straightforward and easy to get working with a bit of trial and error. It might be helpful to fill in that "Apache Configuration" section in the README, but it wasn't hard to figure out what needed to be done.
57 Anonymous 2018-06-09T22:24:50
Awesome, thanks for the input, and I'm glad you eventually got it working.
Also dbmigrate isn't made very well, it was kind of just hacked together to get the job done for the one specific task of switching from the old database format to the new one currently used by the code. I wouldn't recommend using it.
I think I had some trouble putting BasePath anywhere else for some reason. I can give it a try again though.
As for nix-shell that's just there because locally I'm running nixos at the moment and forgot to change the shebang back to normal.
58 Anonymous 2018-06-11T04:35:38
/v/ still isn't in the board list for some reason
59 Anonymous 2018-06-11T18:48:49
Hi, I haven't been on for a couple of months but everything feels a little bit different. Are there 50 posts to a page, hence "last 50"? I may be a bit stupid but that didn't feel obvious to me.
60 Anonymous 2018-06-11T21:01:33
Oh wow thanks for pointing this out, I saw someone mention it a while back but it was shortly after the update so I thought it was just cloudflare still caching something. It's listed everywhere except the list you see when you hide the side menu, which I always have one so I didn't even notice. I'll fix it right now.

the last50 links are a common feature on textboards like 5channel and it just means that you open up the thread with only the 50 most recent posts visible. It's to save time loading long threads.
Here's a perfect example: >>>/qst/2
Currently at 839 posts. It's just easier for those who visit that thread often to view the last 50 posts instead of the whole thing.
61 Anonymous 2018-06-11T23:05:43
I see, thank you. I just hadn't seen it before.
62 Anonymous 2018-06-14T12:17:47
Is https://4taba.net/res/dat/example something you're still working on / planning on doing?
Anonymous (Thu)Jun 14 2018 20:02:46
63 Anonymous 2018-06-14T14:02:22
It's already done. Just put the number of the post in the email field.
Anonymous (Fri)Jun 15 2018 06:07:28
うみゃー やってみたーい
Anonymous (Thu)Jun 14 2018 21:23:08
Cool, thanks.
Will be interesting to see how this works out.
64 Anonymous 2018-06-14T19:14:52
Just tested this on my phone and you can't expand it. So this is like a special post that phonefags can't read? lol
Anonymous (Fri)Jun 15 2018 19:13:56
Firefox on Android, I have to guess where the handle in the bottom right corner is but it still works.
65 Anonymous 2018-06-15T03:31:01
66 Anonymous 2018-06-15T05:12:59
If I disable CSS I can read it just fine in Firefox.
67 Anonymous 2018-06-15T13:47:13
Maybe an alternative would be making them focusable with a tabindex=0 attribute, and then expanding them when focused, like
.sub:focus {width: auto; height: auto;}
68 Anonymous 2018-06-19T05:04:37
/v/ still missing, taba-tan ;w;
69 Anonymous 2018-06-19T10:54:25 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: tomorrow.png (PNG, 1.34 MB, 1280x720)
70 Anonymous 2018-06-20T21:45:16
Ok it's fixed. I know I said I would do it right away but I got distracted. Please excuse my laziness.
71 Anonymous 2018-07-03T19:32:53
how did that thread get bumped to the top when it had no replies?
72 Anonymous 2018-07-03T19:50:43
Someone probably replied, then deleted his reply.
73 Anonymous 2018-07-05T14:59:00
On that note, it's a good idea for deleting a post to recalculate the last-bump time and restore the thread to its original position. Otherwise a spammer can deliberately mess with the order of the threads, and there's nothing the mods can do to fix it.

It would also be a good idea to put anti-CSRF checks on the deletion and banning functions. And the Flash/HTML user-posted content needs to be on a separate origin.
74 Anonymous 2018-07-12T20:42:39
I just want to comment as someone with a headache who needed to change the style to dark quickly that having the style selector at the top of the page was a good idea.
75 Anonymous 2018-07-12T20:43:14
I wish the "post successful" page followed the style, though.
76 Anonymous 2018-07-23T04:30:50
Check your email. I'm too lazy to write about it again, and also too lazy to do any more testing than this. If you can see this, then posting under topics is one thing that is NOT fucked for me. Thank you.
77 Anonymous 2018-08-08T02:44:33
It took me until my email program itself broke to bother trying to replicate the issue. I just ran into it again when I tried to upload another image. Here is the path of the .gif I just tried to upload.

I got an "Internal Server Error", but also had to wait before being able to try to post again, which is another quality of life improvement thing you might want to check out on its own. To re-iterate, I think it's because of the long filename. Hydrus converts the filenames of all media it manages into their hashes, which isn't that great when you want to share images, but you take what you get.
78 Anonymous 2018-08-08T02:45:52 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 72631dfe90ab4c6fbca3801d082328… (PNG, 26.86 KB, 128x128)
Trying to post an image in a thread:
79 Anonymous 2018-08-08T13:48:12
Could also be the filesize.
80 Anonymous 2018-08-08T20:26:00
Should be fixed now, let me know if not.
82 Anonymous 2018-08-15T23:57:41
could be a neat spoiler thumnail
83 Anonymous 2018-08-16T18:24:53
Current spoiler thumbs are shit, so any suggestions are welcome
84 Anonymous 2018-08-21T19:15:15 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1516017413501.gif (GIF, 996.36 KB, 360x359)
85 Anonymous 2018-08-21T23:42:38
It's back!
86 Anonymous 2018-08-22T15:26:43
I'm so glad
87 Anonymous 2018-08-22T17:38:39
88 Anonymous 2018-08-23T02:21:52
Any reason for the downtime?
89 Anonymous 2018-08-23T19:41:51
Payment issue.
90 Anonymous 2018-08-24T08:45:36
Is it expensive to run this website?
91 Anonymous 2018-08-24T21:10:26
No, just $5 a month, and something like $15 or $20 once a year for the domain name.
92 Anonymous 2018-09-02T13:08:13
Why does the sticky symbol look like cum? Was this intentional?
93 Anonymous 2018-09-02T14:04:25 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1433354807276.jpg (JPEG, 14.71 KB, 242x255)
Does it? I hadn't noticed.
94 Anonymous 2018-09-02T15:01:49
To be fair, cum is sticky.
Anonymous (Mon)Sep 03 2018 19:07:52
95 Anonymous 2018-09-12T22:54:07
If my email doesn't show up as SEGA, something is up, taba-tan.
96 Anonymous 2018-09-22T00:53:03
97 Anonymous 2018-09-23T16:21:08
Did it work?
98 Anonymous 2018-10-23T19:57:33
is there any way to get redirected to the page i was just on instead of the specific board in question when replying to a thread from /all/?
99 Anonymous 2018-10-23T21:48:02
But how do you reply to a thread from /all/? You first enter the thread, and after posting doesn't it just take you back to that thread? How would it know you came to the thread from /all/ unless it was tracking your page visits or something? Or maybe some kind of "last board" cookie but that seems kind of silly.
100 Anonymous 2018-10-31T15:49:38
>>98 You mean like the opposite of putting "noko" in the email field? Just open threads in new tabs...
101 Anonymous 2018-11-15T20:27:25
102 Anonymous 2018-11-20T12:14:49
There was an error when trying to access any of the boards around 20 hours ago. Did anyone else encounter this?
103 Anonymous 2018-11-20T15:23:21
Not sure what caused it but it just needed a restart.
104 Anonymous 2018-11-22T12:53:05
Yay Taba is back !~!
105 Anonymous 2018-11-28T18:42:03
/qa/ got spammed with 10s of pages of markov bot shit.
106 Anonymous 2018-11-28T21:40:11
30 pages of it lol. I deleted it this time without banning, but whoever did it please don't do it again or I'll have to ban.
107 Anonymous 2018-11-29T11:32:55
By the way, did you ever turn pruning on?
108 Anonymous 2018-11-29T17:17:50
I did but turned it back off again because there was some bug where after a thread gets pruned the next person to load a page will see an error.
It seems harmless I guess, but is still annoying.
It's funny that everything else seems to be working pretty flawlessly right from the start, we've never had corrupted or lost data, but just simple thread pruning is being such a pain. I'm thinking the problem is something to do with the way the server communicates with the database, maybe I'm not doing something right.
109 Anonymous 2018-11-29T22:37:03
What's up with the
PruneTime = 60*1
in https://github.com/4taba/4taba/blob/master/server.py
110 Anonymous 2018-11-30T00:34:08
It's been a while since I looked at this code or did any testing, but most likely it was a temporary change from some variable to 1 and I just forgot to switch it back.
111 Anonymous 2018-12-01T10:41:18
Had an idea regarding pruning of threads.

The current system can be expressed as

for i in range(len(threads)):
if i > prune_count and now - threads[i].last_bump > prune_time:
That is, threads to be deleted must meet both a thread position condition and a last bump time condition.

On a sufficiently fast board where threads reach page 10 before the last bump time condition is met, this means spamming the board will have no effect on pruning. Even on a slow board, the threads that have been recently replied to are safe from a spam wave. But it would be nice to make spam waves have little or no effect. You could accomplish that like this:
running_total = 0
for i in range(len(threads)):
delta_time = (now if i == 0 else threads[i-1].last_bump) - threads[i].last_bump
running_total += min(delta_time / prune_time, 1 / prune_count)
if running_total > 1:

Under this system, if someone turns on a spambot for an hour before a mod shows up and bans them, they could at most delete (1 hour) / prune_time * prune_count threads. Similar considerations apply to when a spammer is trying to delete a single thread by bumping all the threads under it. The disadvantage is that it adds a bit of complexity.

What do you think?
112 Anonymous 2018-12-01T15:38:30
That's a good idea, but right now it's checking whether a thread needs to be pruned when it's accessed instead of looping over all threads. I thought that way would be faster. Alternatively it could just be put into a separate daemon that periodically checks all threads or something.
Also the current prune_time is set to 4 months so I don't think it's a problem for now.
113 Anonymous 2018-12-10T08:41:59
It's one minute if you turn it back on before remembering to fix >>109 >>110
114 Anonymous 2018-12-24T09:26:33 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 018201812.png (PNG, 3.65 KB, 682x146)
The board banner at /f/ is missing a link to an image. Unless it's supposed to be this way.
115 Anonymous 2018-12-25T23:11:16
The blank image was just to remind myself to pick out some flash-related animated gif to put there at some point. But perhaps I'll just remove it.
116 Anonymous 2018-12-31T00:07:13
>>116 how about you embed a flash file there
117 Anonymous 2019-01-04T20:47:50
If someone wants to recommend a small flash file to fit there then sure
118 Anonymous 2019-01-16T14:58:02
Hey Taba-tan, I think your domain expired. Please don't let the site die like this, I love it too much...
119 Anonymous 2019-01-27T16:17:27
I came here to post exactly that. You can access 4taba by adding it to your hosts file. It needs to redirect to 4taba.net
120 Anonymous 2019-01-27T16:34:37
They both work
121 Anonymous 2019-01-28T16:45:06
The domain is back up!
122 Anonymous 2019-01-29T11:14:08 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 14377-234711-fb5657534dfdfe1d1… (GIF, 195.88 KB, 350x263)
123 Anonymous 2019-01-29T11:29:14 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1475510390373.jpg (JPEG, 22.31 KB, 380x254)
124 Anonymous 2019-01-30T01:09:00
I missed you guys.
125 Anonymous 2019-01-30T02:21:14
we missed you!!
126 Anonymous 2019-01-30T09:44:20
Could you somehow disable posting on /pr/? Tabata is getting only ads there. I don't know if my reports reach you faster than you casually browsing the boards, but maybe a long term solution could be worked out.
129 Anonymous 2019-01-30T14:20:45
I think there's a bunch of things I need to fix up in this regard.
For starters, I'm going to start using a new email address, one that actually has POP and IMAP support (probably cock.li) so I can use it with neomutt and check it more regularly.
I never check my protonmail email because I hate using web interfaces for email.

So that'll make it easier to contact me. I'll probably also set up some kind of alert for reports. Either a script that'll check for new reports periodically or have the server send me an email to my new account when a report is made. I'd rather not just disable posting on a board because it's getting spammed though. That's the kind of thing that makes it feel like trolls can end up manipulating you, and I don't like that.
130 Anonymous 2019-02-01T12:46:12
I can't post on /f/ (This thread: https://www.4taba.net/f/46) because I get an internal server error, but I can make a thread on >>>/test/
131 Anonymous 2019-02-03T18:06:48
>>130 Dude I can't even see that thread. That's pretty weird
132 Anonymous 2019-02-04T18:29:33
That's probably because the link picked up the closing ")" as a part of the link.
This is thread: >>>/f/46
But I posted to it just fine. Maybe there's just something wrong with a file he's trying to upload?
133 Anonymous 2019-02-04T22:28:53
>Maybe there's just something wrong with a file he's trying to upload?
most swf file checkers refuse a completely legitimate flash file if it uses lmza compression.
134 Anonymous 2019-03-10T08:30:05
135 Anonymous 2019-03-11T10:16:41
Its back!!
136 Anonymous 2019-03-11T18:16:32
Took you long enough.
137 Anonymous 2019-03-14T17:49:50
There's a new contact email address
Unlike protonmail this host supports imap so I can easily check it every day with an email client. On the old host I'd frequently go weeks(months) without checking it because I really just don't like email web interfaces.
138 Anonymous 2019-03-15T00:37:21
Yeah, I've seen so many people sign up to the site without knowing about that. I was one of them. I heard, for reasons I can't really remember, that they're not all that trustworthy anyway. What service are they meant to provide again? If they can do anything automatically through their site, then you should be able to as well..
139 Anonymous 2019-03-15T02:01:11
I guess protonmails main attraction is supposed to be end-to-end encryption and only works when emails are sent from one protonmail address to another, which isn't that big of a deal to me really.
I just wanted a decent host that wasn't gmail and there seemed to be a lot of hype for it as having good privacy. Also I think the end-to-end encryption is why they don't offer imap, maybe it breaks it somehow.

But I don't know why cock.li never occurred to me as a decent host before. Maybe because the name makes you subconsciously think it's hosted by some random /g/entooman who just wanted a funny email domain and doesn't take it seriously.
But now that I actually look at it objectively it seems like a pretty decent host.
140 Anonymous 2019-03-15T05:32:46
Protonmail offer imap via a bridge or something iirc but they keep that for paid accounts.
141 Anonymous 2019-03-23T09:14:24
Works great in Dillo!
142 Anonymous 2019-03-23T23:50:14 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: frames-unsupported.png (PNG, 12.27 KB, 365x233)
Yeah, except for the side menu which shows up at the top.
I've been considering fixing it somehow, but not sure if it would be best to have no side menu as the default (but then you'd have to have javascript in order to enable the menu), or just use frames for the menu instead of divs.
At least with frames any browser that can't display them properly will see pic related and can just click "main" and browse the site without frames.
I'm kind of leaning toward frames, but then it breaks my pentadactyl firefox addon so I don't know.
143 Anonymous 2019-03-24T07:46:11
Its not the worst thing ever if it doesn't look right, mind, as long as one can post. theres no css in mothra, but I can still post, wheras I cant on eg /nen/.
144 Anonymous 2019-06-10T19:36:59
The file upload button disappears when you write more than a sentence on mobile. inb4 I deserve it for phoneposting
145 Anonymous 2019-06-11T18:45:35
when you post in a sticky that's on a different board, it doesn't bump it to the top on /all/.

you deserve it for phoneposting and not changing your browser useragent to a desktop version
146 Anonymous 2019-06-12T05:54:39
No idea why that would happen. I mean, it's simple html. There's no javascript acting on the button or anything.
148 Anonymous 2019-07-09T00:38:08
Could you add “allowfullscreen” to iframes for HTML5 applications? The fullscreen feature currently doesn't work for >>>/f/73/
If possible cookie support would be nice as well to fix the volume saver.
Anonymous (Tue)Jul 09 2019 06:44:19
HTML5 zip downloads are also broken?
149 Anonymous 2019-07-09T03:27:55
Yeah, I really like that upload so I'll try to fix the html5 download links real soon. I want to save it too.
I'm not sure what you mean by fullscreen though. Do you mean like pressing F11 in your browser?
150 Anonymous 2019-07-09T06:09:48
Clicking on the screen is supposed to fullscreen similar to when pressing F11 but the iframe holding the HTML5 app requires the "allowfullscreen" attribute to make it work.
151 Anonymous 2019-07-09T15:03:41
Oh, I see what you're saying. So that's why my mouse turns into a magnifying glass over the TV. I was wondering what that was.
I'll try to fix that today.
152 Anonymous 2019-07-09T15:45:46 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: html5.png (PNG, 5.56 KB, 256x146)
If you go to the iframe src you can see how it's supposed to work. https://4taba.net/res/brd/f/73/1562653582758/main.html
Also noticed that the alerts for some debug stuff PROTIP: Press F1 don't work properly in iframes as well. It might just be a better idea to just directly link to main.html when clicking the HTML5 image and make the download function (when it gets fixed) be when you click on pic related.
153 Anonymous 2019-07-09T22:33:52
>It might just be a better idea to just directly link to main.html when clicking the HTML5 image

The whole reason for not doing that is because the iframe allows the application to be "sandboxed".

If it's not that useful I guess it can be removed, but without the sandbox it could do things like make a background spambot. So you could have a video playing or something and while the user is watching it it's making them spam posts in random 4taba threads in the background.
It could also read/change cookies, and maybe some other exploits as well.
It's been a while since I researched it.
154 Anonymous 2019-07-09T23:04:49
Ok fixes have been pushed for download links and allowfullscreen
155 Anonymous 2019-07-10T00:50:51
Makes sense to use it then to protect from that.

Neat. The debug stuff (uses alerts/prompts) won't work inside an iframe, but you can just download it if you want to use it.
156 Anonymous 2019-07-10T13:36:04
Actually now that I think about it you can easily view it without the iframe by just right-clicking and selecting This Frame > Show Only This Frame
(in firefox, not sure if it's different in other browsers)
157 Anonymous 2019-07-20T04:53:12 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 011201907.png (PNG, 4.43 KB, 312x106)
Is the sub-reply being half-hidden a design desicion or just an oversight?
158 Anonymous 2019-07-20T06:59:42
Its intentional
159 Anonymous 2019-07-23T09:21:14
How do you post a nested post?
160 Anonymous 2019-07-23T14:59:51
Just put the post number in the email field
Anonymous (Tue)Jul 23 2019 22:35:19
161 Anonymous 2019-07-24T01:07:15
>Thread not found

http://4taba.net/%E3%81%AD%E3%81%93 / http://4taba.net/ねこ

Did 4taba migrate recently? Seems like it can't handle unicode anymore.
162 Anonymous 2019-07-24T12:15:38
Experiencing the same on multiple browsers.
163 Anonymous 2019-07-24T14:54:17
came here to post this
164 Anonymous 2019-07-24T17:26:38
It's fixed. The problem wasn't unicode, there was a mismatch for the "threadnum" value between the board and thread tables. The thread thought it was #2 and the board thought it was #1.
That's the first time there's been any issue with the database at all (something I'm still surprised at after all this time). I think it's probably a bug in the rare case that someone makes thread #1 on a brand new board and then deletes it. Will have to test it and see if I can sort it out.

For now I just changed that threads number to 1 to work around the issue.
165 Anonymous 2019-07-26T07:09:36 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 4taba_menu.png (PNG, 39.53 KB, 1362x423)
The lower parts of the side menu can't be accessed if your browser window height is too small. Adding overflow-y: auto fixes it; see pic related.
166 Anonymous 2019-07-26T21:44:24
Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out and finding the solution too. I just set both overflows (x and y) to auto. Let me know if the x overflow causes any issues.
167 Anonymous 2019-08-20T03:02:47 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: __kazami_yuuka_and_wriggle_nig… (PNG, 172.62 KB, 593x805)
How long? How long?
How long must Wriggle suffer?
168 Anonymous 2019-08-21T04:26:40
I don't know. Why is Wriggle suffering?
169 Anonymous 2019-08-21T04:48:37
>bothering to sage when everyone on /all/ can read your post anyway
170 Anonymous 2019-08-21T20:57:38 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 58012693_p0.png (PNG, 764.43 KB, 856x1200)
I get an error 500 when I try to post webms.
171 Anonymous 2019-08-21T21:03:45 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: sand-projection.mp4 (MP4, 431.3 KB)
Trying with a mp4
172 Anonymous 2019-08-21T21:06:59 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: digicharat-op.webm (WebM, 3.65 MB)
Or maybe it was the webm that had a problem, I dunno.
173 Anonymous 2019-08-26T20:48:07
Page refresh on posting only works with javascript enabled:
<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><meta charset="utf-8"><script>function redirect(){window.location.replace("/test/39");}</script></head><body onload="redirect()"><h1>Post submitted successfully...</h1></body></html>

Instead, you could use a HTML equivalent (https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20-TECHS/H76.html):
<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><meta charset="utf-8" http-equiv=refresh content="2;URL=/test/39"/></head><body><h1>Post submitted successfully...</h1></body></html>

The number before ";URL" is the amount of seconds you want that page to show up for. You could set it to "0" and if the database is fast enough it'd pretty much be seamless, but I like the charm of those refresh messages. The second page is also 49 bytes shorter, if you care about that sort of thing.
174 Anonymous 2019-08-26T20:50:18
^ I just got an "ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR" posting that, probably just another webengine oddity.
175 Anonymous 2019-08-28T20:37:14
Fixed, thanks for the suggestion.
Could be, all the search results I see for that error mention chrome. Another possibility is cloudflare doing something. Sometimes they block certain certain posts to protect their users I guess. A while ago it was impossible to post the text "/etc/hosts", but it looks like they allow it now.
176 Anonymous 2019-09-01T06:44:46
177 Anonymous 2019-09-06T23:05:16
RSS sounds fun. I've seen it on some textboards and it's cool to have if you're not in the habit of visiting 15 different websites every day.
178 Anonymous 2019-09-09T00:30:12
179 Anonymous 2019-09-09T00:30:39
180 Anonymous 2019-09-09T00:31:16
How do I do this? Like this poster's "nice" subpost/reply?
181 Anonymous 2019-09-09T07:00:56
How do I do this? Like this poster's "nice" subpost/reply?
182 Anonymous 2019-09-09T11:58:12
I don't understand your confusion. The post you're linking to is literally the answer to your question.
Anonymous (Tue)Sep 10 2019 01:45:22
I hadn't even read the post, I just replied to the first one I saw with a "nested" reply.
Thanks, man.
183 Anonymous 2019-09-13T18:43:40
>Error: File decompresses to larger than the maximum filesize. Please fix your zip file and try again.

The file in question's 5.66mb. A 7z version I couldn't upload was 1.45mb.
184 Anonymous 2019-09-13T19:39:19
That's the decompression bomb detection. For example, according to wikipedia it's possible to create a 42 kilobyte zip file that decompresses to 4.5 petabytes, so I don't think disabling it is acceptable.
But maybe it isn't completely accurate for certain kinds of zip files? Would you mind uploading it somewhere else and posting a link so I can take a look at it?
185 Anonymous 2019-09-13T20:06:05
Decompressed size is ~30mb: https://0x0.st/zycB.zip
So how about the 7z file, do you need to add the MIME to some kind of list?
186 Anonymous 2019-09-13T20:43:44
Well that explains it then. I don't know any imageboard that allows 30mb uploads.
Just double checked and the max size allowed here is 12mb, that includes the total final decompressed size of zips.
I'm open to discussion on raising the max size, but I think 12mb is already pretty big.
187 Anonymous 2019-09-13T22:37:30
Personally I think it'd be better not to do any kind of filechecking, it's just not the admin's responsibility and it gets in the way. As long as a file takes virtually nothing to keep on the server, and it's nothing inherently illegal, then it should be allowed to stay.
188 Anonymous 2019-09-14T01:56:19
That has nothing to do with file size though. What if I just let someone upload a 20GB file? Then there's 0 disk space left on the server.
189 Anonymous 2019-09-15T11:57:10
There should be a no images subdomain or directory, sometimes I want to scroll /all/ without octopus rape and toddlerkon, as much as I enjoy it.
190 Anonymous 2019-09-16T21:53:51
I think he meant checking the extension and file header for upload to allow only images. There are problems you run into if you allow just any kind of file willy nilly. I don't think you could run into too many problems by allowing text files if you had reasonable file size restrictions though.
191 Anonymous 2019-09-17T15:11:04
What I was getting at was that any file should be allowed as long as it's small enough, but I guess he's got to check that there's no child pornography or anything and unpack them.
192 Anonymous 2019-09-17T18:56:30
Oh no, any file is already allowed inside the zip archives. It doesn't do any checking or modification of those files other than to detect the overall filesize before unpacking, and it needs to have a "main.html" file to act as the entry point when someone clicks the thumbnail.
Those are the only requirements.

I'm a bit undecided about what's best though. We used to allow any file upload whatsoever regardless of type. I disabled that in the last update but I think I want to go back to it.
I may just add some warning at the top of the page that says files are unmodified and file extensions can't be trusted, download at your own risk or something.
193 Anonymous 2019-09-18T14:45:24
Why does the site unpack the file?
194 Anonymous 2019-09-18T18:00:54
You know we're using zip files specifically for flash-like HTML5 applications here right?
If it doesn't unpack it then it can't use it. For example:
There's no way to do that without unpacking it.
195 Anonymous 2019-09-18T18:20:05
Sorry if I just assumed you knew that already. Your questions make perfect sense now.
Obviously there would be no checks for final unpacked size if it weren't for this.

You could use other archive types and it won't do any checks on it (as long as the archive itself is 12mb or less).
Perhaps we could use the ".html5" extension specifically for zip files that you want to be unpacked (literally just zip files renamed to .html5) but if you leave the extension as ".zip" then it won't unpack it?
That would be a good compromise.

Also I think after the last update there's a bug right now where the site doesn't allow filetypes it can't detect. If someone sees that let me know and I'll try and fix it soon.
I'm working on a totally new codebase for the site right now, so the new one definitely will allow any filetypes to be uploaded.
196 Anonymous 2019-09-20T19:45:43
So you like upload websites through zips? That's pretty weird. You should probably use some checkbox for that next to the upload button or something.
197 Anonymous 2019-09-20T22:14:51
It's supposed to be a sort of replacement for flash which is dying. Adobe isn't even going to be updating it anymore.
If you can think of a better way I'm all ears. Flash lets people upload a bunch of resources in 1 file and runs an application. The only way I can think to simulate that is by uploading an archive with a standard main.html entry point.
It's worked fairly well so far for those who've used it.
A checkbox is probably unnecessary if I just change it to require a ".html5" extension. Nobody will have files with that extension unless the intend to upload it for this special purpose.

I wonder if a different archive type would be better though. I think zip has problems with character encodings. .tar.gz is good but I don't know if windowsfags will have a tool for that. Maybe 7z?
198 Anonymous 2019-09-24T09:59:49
7z can do .tar.gz just fine.
199 Anonymous 2019-09-24T10:02:02
Bad wording on my part. Windows has 7zip, which can do .tar.gz too.
200 Anonymous 2019-10-04T11:34:31
I noticed that on /f/ the urls don't link to the files anymore, just a page where the flash is embedded. This makes it difficult to download anything from there.
201 Anonymous 2019-10-04T16:56:56
I'm not seeing it. All files on 4taba are given new, somewhat inconvenient extensionless filenames. Are you sure it's not that?
202 Anonymous 2019-10-04T22:59:19
Oh you're right. My browser was simply insisting that they were "htm" files because I didn't add the extension on download.
203 Anonymous 2019-10-05T00:26:21
The new update to the site will restore the file extensions.
204 Anonymous 2019-10-05T21:30:32
What about the filenames? Are the hashes needed for the board to work? I know 8ch does this thing where they have hash filenames server-side, but saving the image would give you the filename in the download by default.
205 Anonymous 2019-10-06T07:50:24
The filenames have always been preserved in the database, so that's something that could be done if enough people want it. But timestamps also have some advantages, such as no naming conflicts when you save something, and they're also fairly standard across imageboards.
206 Anonymous 2019-10-06T11:06:07
It's mostly standard to preserve file names for flash files on imageboards. You want to keep those because opening up a bunch of flash files is tedious when you're looking for a specific one; nobody is going to memorize a bunch of timestamps and there obviously isn't a way to easily get thumbnails for them.
207 Anonymous 2019-10-06T16:03:36
How would duplicate file entries be handled anyway? Files are saved in per-thread directories, so I guess you could just say no files in the same thread can have the same name, and throw an error otherwise.
Anyway, I think I'm just going to leave the current method as is until after the update at least. It's probably not a good idea to change code vital to serving files when we're so close to switching the site to a completely new codebase. There's probably going to be enough bugs already without file naming complications.
But this idea is something that can always be implemented at any time in the future.
208 Anonymous 2019-10-06T23:42:56
>Files are saved in per-thread directories, so I guess you could just say no files in the same thread can have the same name, and throw an error otherwise.

4chan does this but the directory is the board. Other chans do it differently, especially because they have threads where you can post flashes inside them. I've seen one that associated the filenames as secondary information while still using timestamps to keep different files around, I don't know how though.
209 Anonymous 2019-10-07T01:35:35
>I've seen one that associated the filenames as secondary information while still using timestamps to keep different files around, I don't know how though.

I'd guess it saves the files with timestamps but lets the users request files with the filename, then it looks up the name in the database to get the timestamp and serves the file that way. But of course your browser doesn't know any of that happens and it just thinks it access the filename.
That's doable. The best way to implement that would probably be to have file links include the post number, that way the database doesn't have to search for the filename and won't hit any conflicts.
Now that I think about it it would be pretty easy.
210 Anonymous 2019-10-07T02:19:15
Maybe this will work? download="actual_filename.xxx"
211 Anonymous 2019-10-07T02:23:40
It works here:

But it doesn't work with my own test, weirdly enough:

I don't know if it's because I'm linking an external site, or maybe it'll only work on a thumbnail or something (that'd be pretty weird).
212 Anonymous 2019-10-07T02:25:16
Nevermind, it works. Only when I right-click and select "Save Link", not when I use this browser's built-in downloader.
213 Anonymous 2019-10-07T18:20:23
I can only assume that you haven't put those changes through yet. As one example, https://22chan.org/f/ appends "&=FILENAME" to the end of each file. That might work as a quick and dirty solution, which isn't required here, but you might want something more elegant.
214 Anonymous 2019-10-07T19:10:50
Actually that makes me think that we could do both. Since setting that download attribute seems to prevent it from opening the image for viewing inside the browser itself anyway, we could make it so that clicking the thumbnail will open the image inside the browser as normal, but clicking on the filename link above the thumbnail could have the download="actual_filename.jpg" attribute.
If that works then that's an easy 10 second fix. I'll do some testing with a few different browsers and if it works then I'll add it to the new server.

By the way, the new site is basically ready to deploy. But I'm also switching hosts from A2 to DigitalOcean (which has more up-to-date servers, A2 is still using kernel version 2 on their VPS's), so the site may go down some time tonight or tomorrow, and be off for several hours as I move all the data to the new server and update the DNS info.
215 Anonymous 2019-10-07T22:57:33
>we could make it so that clicking the thumbnail will open the image inside the browser as normal, but clicking on the filename link above the thumbnail could have the download="actual_filename.jpg" attribute.
That sounds good, it would've been bad if you couldn't expand the thumbnails anymore. I don't think left-clicking on a normal link will download it, so this is basically the way it'll be in the end.
>click on thumbnail

Media expands.
>(middle) click on link, middle click on thumbnail

Media opens in new tab. (non-original filename if user saves here)
>right click → save on link

Image saves with filename.
216 Nameless 2019-10-09T03:43:57

meant "&name=FILENAME"

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