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【92】Bug Reports and Feedback #2 [last50 /meta/]

Please use this thread to report bugs and give feedback. You may also start a thread on >>>/meta/, even though it's not an official board we will most likely still see it.
Feel free to also report issues directly on our GitLab:

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【98】Kissu Downtime [last50 /meta/]

Kissu is down for scheduled maintenance. In the meantime you've been redirected here.

12:00 EST > site redirected to 4taba
18:00 EST > I finish backing files up
19:00 EST > Server is wiped
00:00 EST > Server is running with all files, redirect is removed, possibly able to post on the site again.
12:00 EST > Server is full restored and everything back to normal

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【13】Think tank [last50 /meta/]

Since 8/jp/ doesn't need this site any more and since there's hardly anyone here, there's no harm in changing things up in crazy ways. I originally started making this just to experiment with various features anyway.

I've had a few ideas.
For starters, big imageboards tend to be more like chatrooms, and although I haven't used a forum in forever I still think there's some value in the slower feeling of forums. So one idea might be to slow down the speed of an imageboard by only serving a static board that doesn't show live posts. People can view the old posts and make replies all day, but the replies don't show up until some fixed time every 24 hours (or every 6 hours or whatever) when the entire site updates to display all the new posts that were made in that period.
This way you could just come and check out the site like once or twice a day instead of having the feeling of being stuck constantly checking threads for new replies. If a big imageboard behaved that way I wonder if it would encourage people to spend more time creating interesting content or coming up with original thoughts of their own before posting, and also cool down hot heads so arguments will probably be much shorter lived.

Another idea might be to have something like 2 channels for each thread, side by side. One would be for lower quality comments, arguments, or things you want to say to one person that isn't relevant to the whole thread (sort of similar to when you sage your post knowing that it doesn't deserve to bump the thread), and the other channel for things that you think everyone should see. Of course this wouldn't be moderated at all or anything, it would just be up to each poster to decide which one to use.

If anyone has any other interesting or weird ideas I'd like to hear them too, or let me know what you think of the 2 above.

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【100】Untitled [last50 /meta/]

Kissu's having extended downtime again. Might be switching servers sooner than expected.

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【2】Untitled [last50 /meta/]

Did we ever figure out how to keep tabs on tabamin the firsts new project?

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【2】Bug Reports [last50 /meta/]

Did we ever figure out how to keep tabs on tabamin the firsts new project?

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【97】Designated 4taba2 bitching thread [last50 /meta/]

Verniy I don't care much for kissu or your vision for the future of this site I think you're kind of psycho just please stop moderating 4taba forever

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【9】/all/ [last50 /meta/]

I don't know about you, but I use /all/ most of the time. I like that the specific thread is in a specific board but with /all/ it seems more like a tag than anything else.. what do you think?

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【10】Pictures [last50 /meta/]

I can't open pictures with my wheel button on my mouse into a new tab.. I feel like that would be a good thing to add

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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【94】Untitled [last50 /meta/]

As someone suggested( >>163 ), I'll be adding a thread-archive-download-page to a taba subdomain later today or tomorrow as soon as I figure out how to output tar.gz archive stuff into the response for downloads.
I've used the idea to teach myself some golang for an API server I'm going to write so it's likely not going to be a continuously developed thing.

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【1】Untitled [last50 /meta/]

4tabaX2 :)

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【93】8kun is up [last50 /meta/]

Don't know if this is the board this belongs in, but this news should be relevant to most if not all of the board's users. In case you weren't keeping an eye on things, 8kun is the new name they decided to relaunch 8ch under.


Bottom domain is under heavy load at the moment, it's recommended that you use the Tor site instead.

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【86】【An ode to our fallen friends】A list of all threads known to be missing or deleted [last50 /meta/]

Please know that threads lost during a board transfer can NOT be accounted for unless their body is recovered.
/a: 8, 18-30, 52-99, 101, 103-185, 192, 195, 218, 235, 236
/b: 2
/cc: 78, 85
/d: 2, 3, 11
/f: 2, 12, 20, 36
/ho: 2-24, 26-31, 33-43, 45-47, 54, 122, 144, 145, 197, 214, 306, 309, 321, 330
/l: 2
/lit: 3
/mu: 3, 5, 6, 16
/neet: 2-5, 7
/nu: 2, 3
/proletaria: 8, 10
/qa: 2, 8-499 (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/491-babies-born-alive-after-failed-abortions-left-to-die-in-canada-statscan)
/sci: 2, 3
/test: 4-7, 14-20, 25, 26, 28, 29
/v: 15
/λ: 2, 3
/⁂: 1, 2
/∀: 1

If I've made any mistake or omission, please correct me.

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【81】Bug Reports and Feedback [last50 /meta/]

Please use this thread to report bugs and give feedback. Or start a new thread for more active discussion.
Feel free to also report issues directly on our GitHub:

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【89】 [last50 /meta/]

Is it just me or is this site getting a lower amount of posts everyday? I always check here after work and today there's only been about three or four posts. I know this is one of the niche IBs hipster kids click on when they browse creamy's list and then forget about forever but still, imageboards are most active during the summer. If this is the amount of people that use this site in July I fear how many posts there will be in a few months

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【91】Just add more STYLES! [last50 /meta/]

Add more styles!
It's all I ask.

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【90】 [last50 /meta/]

Thanks shitaba admin for finally noticing this site was dead

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【85】 [last50 /meta/]

Why is it still "email" and not "option"?

I mean I know why; it's obviously for the sake of tradition, but I honest to god think it's been at least half a decade since anyone has been dumb enough to put their email in

Sorry if I sound autistic, but it's just a pet peeve of mine

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【18】OH MY GOD [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【88】 [last50 /meta/]

What are those little notes that sometimes appear under posts?

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【87】Information [last50 /meta/]

How much storage is currently being used?
How many files are currently being stored?
How many posts have been made?
How many posts per day?
How many unique IPs have posted?
How many unique IP visits per day?
How many threads have been made?
How many boards have been made?
Which OS does the server run?
How much are the running costs?


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【84】 [last50 /meta/]

why does this site exist?

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【18】b2 thread [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【82】Number of replies to be shown when browsing boards [last50 /meta/]

Should it be 10 like 2ch and Futaba? Or keep the current number (5 replies like 4chan)? Or show a different number of replies?

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【27】Regarding the boards [last50 /meta/]

i made a list of boards i think 4taba should have. obviously untitled boards mean we can have whatever we want but it would still be a good idea to expand the official selection.

>black - board already exists

>yellow - board exists as an untitled board but should be made official

>red - board doesn't exist

most of these are self-explanatory as 4chan has them already. the only really unique ones are /im/ (internet media) and /io/ (images only). /im/ would basically be a version of /tv/ for youtubers and podcasts, as well as allowing for discussion about creating your own content. /io/ is a suggestion i saw on /qa/ a while ago and i thought it sounded neat. basically it's the opposite of a text-only board like /news/ - no words (not even in the title), only images. interesting to see what would happen


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【7】Board list [last50 /meta/]

What boards do you want in the menus?
I picked a bunch when I first made the site just to have something to work with while setting everything up.

If you want to suggest merging boards together keep in mind that manually combining boards is also an option, >>/a+ma/ for example.

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【23】 [last50 /meta/]

allowing users to make boards is a mistake

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【3】 [last50 /meta/]

everything about this site is perfect

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【16】 [last50 /meta/]

make a nicer css

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【51】 [last50 /meta/]

Can you please ban ironic shitposting on all titled boards?
[s4s] is getting out of control.

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【48】 [last50 /meta/]

So we basically have a 9-5 chan. People only post during the weekdays, and only during the day North American time.

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【57】 [last50 /meta/]

we should add flags
this is my 4chan collection

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【17】Ban politics [last50 /meta/]

You should ban politics.

nobody using a chan site is smart enough to carry on an intelegent discussion about politics, my self included, with most threads ending up as alt-right circle jerks eerily similar to the liberal circle jerk on reddit

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【55】 [last50 /meta/]

add そうだね's like on 2chan

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【80】 [last50 /meta/]

Taba-tan, you mentioned at the end of last year that you were working on another site. Are you still working on it or did you already post it?

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【78】 [last50 /meta/]

The contact page is dead!

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【79】PTR record [last50 /meta/]

There's no PTR records for the two IP addresses in the A records for 4taba.net and www.4taba.net! Also, where are the AAAA records?
I'm just nitpicking on domain name stuff, but consider looking into it. If there are reasons why you haven't done these things, I'm simply curious to know.

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【77】 [last50 /meta/]

Man, that spooked me. When 4taba was down, that is.

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【76】 [last50 /meta/]

Could 4taba ever get an oekaki board? I think it might be cool.
Is it hard to put in a function like that?

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【72】大Update [last50 /meta/]

Over the next few weeks or months I'm going to completely overhaul this site. Please list everything you want to see changed here, including bugs.
On the list so far:
- Fully support browsers with Javascript disabled
- Add sorting threads by creation date to the catalog
- Fix up the Flash board
- Only OP can upload flash
- Smaller max thread count
- Add ability for OP to upload HTML5 applications instead of just flash, screw the consequences we're doing this shit because it sounds fun
- Add /titled/ and /untitled/ (just like /all/ but will only display threads from titled and untitled boards)

Under consideration, let me know your opinion:
- Remove the OP moderation features and password field
- Merge hardware and software boards into just a PC board
- Change programming to development board (can also discuss developing content, or other DIY)

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【74】Themes [last50 /meta/]

We should have themes for 4taba.
I like this default one, but I still think we should have options.

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【75】 [last50 /meta/]

why is this not open source yet

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【73】Contacting admin [last50 /meta/]

any way to contact admin OUTSIDE of email?

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【50】 [last50 /meta/]


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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【12】Requests [last50 /meta/]

Could we get an informative error message when a post is too long? I tried to make a longish post and it took me a while to figure out what was going wrong.

Also, increasing the maximum post length would be nice, at least when there is SJIS involved. As it stands, there's some fine SJIS art that can't be posted.

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【71】 [last50 /meta/]

Admin, how much did your TLS certificate cost? I'm curious, because I'm trying to decide whether to do letsencrypt or not, for my website.

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【70】 [last50 /meta/]

>Prounounced "Shitaba"

Why not yontaba? Less bad luck and doesn't look like "shit".

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【67】 [last50 /meta/]

What's the bump limit

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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【69】 [last50 /meta/]

what amazing features is tabaman working on

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【68】 [last50 /meta/]

>he still hasn't added a sort function to the catalogue

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【66】 [last50 /meta/]

>(1) Do not post any illegal content with respect to United States law. (Violation is an immediate global ban without warning)

>(2) No excessive spam or advertising.

Quite literally no fun allowed the image board

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【65】 [last50 /meta/]

What hosting service does 4taba use?

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【64】 [last50 /meta/]

I forgot about this place. Sorry.

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【62】 [last50 /meta/]

Add user settings so i can add furry to the list of boards i dont want to see on /all/ insted of having to do it in the url

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【63】 [last50 /meta/]

you know you want to add it tabaman

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【61】Let images be disabled AND let >>1 use an image [last50 /meta/]

It'd be just like the old 双葉 boards!

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【60】 [last50 /meta/]

Admin, /f/ and /lit/ don't show up on the top of the page next to /sci/, /v/, and /ho/.
Please fix.

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【58】 [last50 /meta/]

Why is 4taba so shitty?

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【59】 [last50 /meta/]

when i type anime in the options box it should post anime

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【56】 [last50 /meta/]

nothing seems to be working, cant open pictures not press post numbers

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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【54】 [last50 /meta/]

Taba-tan, would it be possible to tem up with some other small chans?
And what I mean by this, would be Taba-tan approaching some other small chans, and both agreeing to advertise each other on their home pages, or something, and agreeing not to have any extremely niche boards overlap.
Like, each having an /a/ and a /v/ would be fine, but only 4taba would have an /sf/.

What do you think? I know it'd be kinda stupid, but think about the brotherly bonds.
And we could each, someday, end up having our own 4cc-type-thing teams, since our individual boards are way too small.

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【52】 [last50 /meta/]

When are you going to make new logo banners tabatan

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【53】 [last50 /meta/]


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【49】board demonyms [last50 /meta/]

ITT: we come up with demonyms for all the boards

like how 4/tv/ posters are called fa/tv/irgins and 4/pol/ posters are called /pol/acks

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【47】 [last50 /meta/]

Can we get a film board?

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【42】Cats12MCT user style [last50 /meta/]

smoother user style

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【45】 [last50 /meta/]

post yfw /all/ posters don't see posts on the secret board

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【44】 [last50 /meta/]

Where the 4taba twitter account :^)

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【41】 [last50 /meta/]

lmao what if the admin is a girl
would you stop using the site?

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【43】 [last50 /meta/]

are u gonna list /sf/
it would be neat

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【40】Inaugural Pseudo-Official Taba-tan Question and Answer Extravaganza [last50 /meta/]

Hey taba-tan, what file types can we upload at the moment? Would it be possible to support mobi, epub and pdf for /lit/?

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【39】 [last50 /meta/]

Where is the thread update button

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【36】on the topic of posters [last50 /meta/]

It feels like posters drop off once it hits evening in EST, and it's super active during the morning/afternoon. Are you all Europeans or something?

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【37】 [last50 /meta/]

>you have to wait 0 seconds before posting

What is the point of this feature

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【38】Settings thread [last50 /meta/]

Why does ctrl-lmb not open images in a new tab? I have this ticked but it doesn't work. Please help I'm a poor laptopfag.

Also what does this volume thing mean? I'm scared to change it.

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【35】 [last50 /meta/]

Have any threads died, yet? Is there an archive? How many threads can there be before threads are started to be pushed off? What's the bump limit? The image limit?
If there isn't an archive, I'd recommend adding a week-long one.

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【26】 [last50 /meta/]

>tfw we'll never be on this list

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【34】Post Times [last50 /meta/]

Is there a specific time zone this board follows, it is difficult to determine when something was posted when it says it was posted five hours from now. Also would it be possible to localize posting times for each user?

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【5】Site Rules [last50 /meta/]

Originally we had a rule where the "unofficial boards" were
>not for creating a home for outside material and exist for the targeted demographics of the official boards

which of course would also require that things like this could be deleted from official boards as well.

But it seemed people didn't like having rules like that on a small site so I removed them.

Please give me your input.
I think I want to add the following global rules back:
* Certain inappropriate images (depending on the board) can be deleted by mods, for example furry or gore or 3D porn on boards like /a/.
* Unofficial boards are for the user interests of the main boards, not to create places for any content you want.

What do you guys think? Personally I think the first rule is definitely needed or else you'll just get furry, porn, and gore spam on basically any board, and I think it's simple enough that it shouldn't cause problems since it's fairly basic and only about deleting the image not the entire post.

But what about the second rule?
One possibility is to just not show threads from unofficial boards on /all/ and let people use them for anything (legal). Or should we keep the interests of unofficial boards limited to those of the official boards?

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【33】 [last50 /meta/]


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【31】 [last50 /meta/]

what does taba mean

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【32】 [last50 /meta/]

>board mixing

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【29】 [last50 /meta/]

We should have a little banner contest, just get about 10 to be placeholders while we really develop culture.

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【30】 [last50 /meta/]

Pressing back on a webpage puts the text back into the back then i have to press it again

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【28】 [last50 /meta/]

How do i make an account

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【25】 [last50 /meta/]

make replying easier you fucking jew

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【24】 [last50 /meta/]

I'm gonna call the admin taba-tan, and no one can stop me!

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【22】Tripcodes [last50 /meta/]

No trips will result in avatarfagging, seeing as its not against the rules. Therefore we should enable trips - at least they are filterable.

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【14】 [last50 /meta/]

What do you think of this feature? >>/av/
People can upload small audio or video files that get played on the home page randomly, but only 5 every week. The 5 would be chosen by a random selection of site users every week (or every month or whatever).

Instead of waiting for feedback I just added it because I was bored, so feel free to say it sucks if you want.
Merged a gif+music clip as the first video to start it off

It only takes webm right now but it'll take other formats including just audio files too if we decide to keep the feature.

(On a side note, I'm thinking of just removing oekaki)

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【21】 [last50 /meta/]

reporting is too hard
make it easier
I can't remember numbers well

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【20】 [last50 /meta/]

I like the way this site is designed. It feels like a text board that allows you to post images.

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【18】hi friends [last50 /meta/]

hi friends

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【4】rip freech [last50 /meta/]

freech is ded so I guess this is my new home

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【15】jap boards [last50 /meta/]

I think the japanese boards are really unnecessary and redundant. they are also annoying because some people might have their browser set to japanese and they get those stupid, empty boards at the top of the scroll bar instead of the normal ones

thats what i think

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【11】Extra javascript feature [last50 /meta/]

Recently I made script that highlight quoted post and popup if it is outside of screen when you put your mouse over a quote, same way that vichan/4chan does, and I thought it would be nice to share with you guys.

How the code works:
First it search on the page for the post, if it's not found it will download the page on the quote link and cache it on a object, so it won't need to download again.
Second it will check if the post is visible on your screen, if it is it will only add a class (highlighted), other wise it will show as a popup up.

Here is the script's link: https://ghostbin.com/paste/d2ao9
To change highlighted color, just change it on line 13.

I'm not a real programmer, it's just a hobby for me, so it could have some bugs, and maybe I didn't use the best approach, well feel free to point out the bugs, my mistakes, change the code, etc.

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【8】UI [last50 /meta/]

Discuss the user interface

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【6】GETs [last50 /meta/]

this site seems to go by a post count system more reminiscent of 2ch ie each thread has its own post count which always starts at 1. on the other hand each thread has its own unique thread number, increasing by 1 per new thread. this removes the ability to get large GETs within threads (maybe trips or quads at the most idk the post limit) but in turn allows for large thread number GETs. won't this encourage GETfags to spam threads instead of posts within threads? on the other hand, new threads are far less common than posts, even on busy 4chan boards, making a GET relatively trivial and reducing the incentive. what are your thoughts on this? of course this is all assuming the site picks up enough steam to get past 1000 threads on one board lmao. (PS who GET otaku here?)

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【18】 [last50 /meta/]

hi friends