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1 Anonymous 2020-08-16T10:03:47 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: f12c5cb432751a5c9cd63a3bb486b0… (JPEG, 1.27MB, 3000x4000)
I hope mpv adds proper support for beautiful WebVTT subtitling soon. Machine-generated, unreadable .ass file messes are so icky.
2 Anonymous 2020-08-16T10:12:12
I'd like her to give me an icky ass mess a hu hu aa hu hu ahu hu ahuh hu hu hu hu hu
3 Anonymous 2020-08-16T14:05:39
You can't just post a single photo of her and leave it at that.

Anonymous 2020-08-16T18:21:48
Dumps are for chumps
4 Anonymous 2020-08-16T21:08:01
Why is a semi-professional news site uploading image dumps of some e-lady?
5 Anonymous 2020-08-17T16:23:58
The world must know how perfect Iiniku Ushijima is.
6 Anonymous 2020-08-17T18:04:11
You can even buy a figure of her. I wonder how gravure models feel about this.

1 p2p Oddities 2020-08-06T13:40:46 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 6787646578.jpg (JPEG, 141.91KB, 1024x768)
In this thread, post weird findings you happen to stumble upon on your favorite p2p client. While looking up games and music on soulseek, I came across some funny grindcore.

2 guest@cc 2020-08-06T19:24:49

hey alright
3 guest@cc 2020-08-10T03:02:57
It's a shame the BitTorrent protocol never implemented any file advertisement or messaging, but I can definitely understand why.
It'd be nice if it were standard to host some kind of ncat two-user messaging service on TCP port whatever.
guest@cc 2020-08-10T08:32:25
Oh, OBVIOUSLY talk runs on port 517. How silly of me.
guest@cc 2020-08-10T08:29:43
Look at that. Another standard which simply refused to get off the ground. I still think that hosting a little forking UNIX "talk" server on one port 24/7 would be simple enough to maybe gain traction.
4 guest@cc 2020-08-13T21:56:10
>It's a shame the BitTorrent protocol never implemented any file advertisement or messaging

DHT????? You probably disabled it already if you're on a private tracker.

1 Anonymous 2020-08-02T13:16:59 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: ec416c70d0d8a126f21235d27602c4… (JPEG, 377.57KB, 1000x1000)
If 4taba is so great, why isn't there a 4taba2?
2 Anonymous 2020-08-02T19:29:40
limited time offer, expires next year
3 Anonymous 2020-08-03T06:26:24
It's a good thing 4taba2 is a thing, because 4taba isn't working for me.
4 Anonymous 2020-08-06T01:14:53
You might be using www.4taba.net. Apparently 4taba isn't part of the world wide web, so just 4taba.net works
5 Anonymous 2020-08-06T02:30:39
funny, I enabled it and it's directing to my 4chan ban logger.
taba's nginx config is messy. I'll have to redo it sometime.
6 Anonymous 2020-08-10T03:22:33
Associating one subdomain with one port is just archaic. We should've developed a protocol that runs on port 1 or wherever for port/service negotiation years ago.

<-- 80 OKAY, CHECK OUT PORT 80 !
Anonymous 2020-08-10T05:05:38
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCP_Port_Service_Multiplexer Oh.
Well my idea's still better.

1 Player 2020-07-26T18:34:31 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: hisoutensoku.webm (WEBM, 1.85MB, 250x189)
Your board is cordially invited to participate in a fighting game tournament. Score as high as you are able and earn glory for yourself and/or your board.


BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/MASHFIGHT
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/8V5KD80C1F#/signup/269mgr143wj
If you do not want to register, post the name that you are signing up with in a central thread. You will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ulje2arv05zjbg/Touhou_Hisoutensoku_%252B_Full_Unlock_%252B_SokuRoll_%252B_SWRSToys_%252B_Tensokukan.zip/file

Extract into the folder of your choice. After launching th123e.exe, wait one or two seconds and then launch SokuRollLoader.exe to enable netplay. To host, hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game with sokuroll and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game.

Wiki: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/

If you hate M*rk that much, don't worry - we share the sentiment. You don't have to come to 8moe thread in that case - simply host games in this thread and enjoy the game. If you don't signup you'll be stuck eating cake for a while.
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7 Player 2020-07-29T16:39:29
Bump. Please consider participating - you might find the game fun!

Please enjoy the show when it happens, then. We'll link the strm one hour before it starts.
8 Player 2020-07-30T21:29:00
Remind me again what is 8chan.moe? Is it the spinoff owned by that faggot Joshua Moon or whatever his name is?
9 Player 2020-07-30T22:27:59
No, that's 9chan. 8chan.moe is what's left of /v/ after the "8kun" fiasco.
10 Player 2020-08-01T17:20:47
CYTUBE LINK TO STREAM: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
CYTUBE LINK TO STREAM: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
CYTUBE LINK TO STREAM: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru

11 Player 2020-08-01T20:40:21

1 Anonymous 2020-06-15T22:46:36 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: nice.png (PNG, 75.58KB, 671x691)

Searching for imageboards is hard, because there is no convinient list with imageboard. I mean, why would you want to visit something you don't like? It would bad for everyone, imageboard users, because they would be pissed off by your behavior, and you, because you don't really like the place.
This is why I've made an imageboard list, which allows you to describe common acitivity and things you would like to have on your board, and decribe activity and things you don't want to see on your imageboard.

Also, I've updated my imageboard list.
Now you can see all imageboards we have in the database.

Consider adding your imageboard there. It is free.
5 posts omitted
7 V 2020-07-16T01:36:19
public information is free for anyone's use
8 Anonymous 2020-07-17T11:30:37
Why do you hate robot people?
9 Anonymous 2020-07-17T17:19:20
10 Anonymous 2020-07-29T19:14:17 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 504.jpg (JPEG, 110.11KB, 696x746)
I'll take a look and contribute some if they aren't already on there. Went through my various bookmarked imageboards recently and it's sad that some have completely died, wiped from the web.
Anonymous 2020-07-29T19:15:24
and it's dead
11 Anonymous 2020-07-29T19:47:44
dude wouldn't release his source code

1 Anonymous 1969-12-31T17:00:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: shot0126.png (PNG, 903.31 KB)

2 Anonymous 1969-12-31T17:00:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1452021550180.jpg (JPEG, 1.07 MB)

3 Anonymous 2020-07-29T09:35:21 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 20200809.jpg (JPEG, 81.94KB, 1280x720)
Do classics need updating? I say "NO".
4 Anonymous 2020-07-29T13:05:41 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: comfy kircheis.png (PNG, 1.51MB, 1404x1076)

1 Player 2020-04-17T10:14:36
I've been playing this gem. What a great game.
A lot like Portal, but also very different.
I've also been playing Plague Inc, which I just bought during a sale (Going on sale now is funny), and REmake 1 for GC, which I also bought recently.
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4 Player 2020-04-18T09:22:02
There's only one Talos game. Right now.
5 Player 2020-04-19T12:23:40
Starsector. It's like Mount & Blade in space.
6 Player 2020-04-19T21:17:07
>>4 He's talking about the expansion.
7 Player 2020-04-20T02:46:22
Oh, haven't played that yet. I thought it was just DLC with more puzzles, or something.
8 Player 2020-07-29T09:28:59

1 Anonymous 2020-03-31T03:28:38 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 9068956.jpg (JPEG, 59.55KB, 500x334)
This thread has had a long time coming, but yes, here is the obligatory weird youtube/dailymotion/vimeo/etc video thread. As someone who used to make their own home movies before youtube even existed, I have had an account since I was eleven, when my cool uncle that used to have a basement arcade (before he got married) told me about it in 2006.

6 posts omitted
7 Anonymous 2020-04-08T13:26:05
Ok, but remember, you asked for this.
Anonymous 2020-04-10T20:40:13
>hold it in
y tho
9 Anonymous 2020-04-09T05:22:47
What the fuck. I clicked on this video and the recommended videos managed to be tremendously worse
Anonymous 2020-04-21T15:27:27
Are there people who did not learn to recognize that id?
10 Anonymous 2020-04-18T01:45:48
v that channel was hilarious when it was going on, every video the guy was getting crazier
11 Anonymous 2020-07-28T06:40:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 8748.jpg (JPEG, 40.2KB, 640x480)
The dislike ratio on a lot of this guy's videos are completely neutral
12 Anonymous 2020-07-28T14:06:02
Ew gross, it's unshaved.
Now that's something I've not seen in a long time.

1 guest@cc 2019-03-20T21:51:11 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1544030770888.jpg (JPEG, 55.27 KB, 640x491)
Had a fat minute trying to figure out why firefox wouldn't startup. Apparently, libvpx updated and didn't automatically symlink to its previous version I think?
ln -s libvpx.so.6.0.0 libvpx.so.5
fixed the problem
8 posts omitted
10 guest@cc 2019-03-25T10:49:04
eh. whatever. Suckless and related groups' only worthwhile work is their individual utilities like ii, dwm if you're into tiling, etc. trying to make linux sane overall is a sysiphean task.
Linux is like a windows or mac that respects your freedom and privacy, and that you can configure to present a sane, comfy interface by ignoring most of whats installed and configured.
openbsd (or maybe netbsd) is for if you want a reasonable unix system, plan9 is for if you want an actually reasonable system in general.
11 guest@cc 2019-03-25T13:25:04
stop posting frogs
Anonymous (Wed)Mar 27 2019 22:39:26
do it like this
12 guest@cc 2019-05-18T18:01:21
I like their overall philosophy though; an app should fill a single purpose and nothing else, and if the user wants more functionality they should install more apps
13 guest@cc 2019-05-18T22:59:45
Thats just a simplified version of the basic design philosophy of UNIX/the labs people. Its missing a bunch of big important parts, like consideration of how the parts of a the system work together, how adding or changing functionality in a small way in one place can obsolete large swathes of special purpose bullshit, etc.
Some of them get this right sometimes with stuff like ii, other times their shit is just pointless, and yet other times its retarded "hurr durr less stuff more better"
And on the whole, while using a selection of sanely designed programs that actually compose as parts like god intended can make your superficial YOU-EKS(*retch*) better, linux is already drowned in accumulated bullshit, it cannot be saved.
Trying to make a sane modern UNIX system is impossible and pointless. Theres too much accumulated bullshit to do anything but sweep what you can under the rug and avoid new subsystems that introduce new bullshit to deal with.
14 guest@cc 2020-07-25T14:35:13
guest@cc 2020-08-04T01:24:57
>Don't be like those forum fags.
What forum fags?

That aside, there's a difference between bumping an old thread about a topic rather than starting a new one, and a situation like the one we have here, where someone drags a completed discussion to the first page for no reason.
guest@cc 2020-07-29T19:07:44
>don't bump old threads
Why not? Doesn't hurt anyone. It's nice to find old conversations and contributing something, wondering if anyone has kept interest. Don't be like those forum fags.
guest@cc 2020-07-25T17:26:35
Is there really a problem with necroing with how slow this board is?
guest@cc 2020-07-25T17:15:35
Please don't bump threads from over a year ago unless you have a VERY good reason to

1 guest@cc 2020-06-05T18:47:03 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: luminosity-theme.png (PNG, 184.1KB, 560x485)
I just wanted to share something I've discovered and have been using for years.
I see programmers using various color themes in their editors, some themes are even designed specifically for programming like "solarized" that some programmers swear by.

But I think they've got it all wrong. The real "perfect theme" for programmers is anything that has _constant luminosity_.

Think about it, if you have syntax highlighting then your eyes are constantly going over colors of varying luminosity's and every time you go from one color to the other (which happens a lot) the iris in your eye has to adjust to let in more or less light than the previous color.
For the average programmer this could mean your iris needs adjusting multiple times per second as you read a single statement with several colors.

That sounds really hard on your eyes, so what if you make a color theme that has constant "luminosity"? Meaning that as your eyes dart around the code your iris is staying fixed letting in a constant, unchanging, amount of light the whole time. That way the muscles in your eyes can relax even as you're staring at a dark terminal screen all day long.

Pic related is a constant luminosity theme (I just opened up GIMP which has a color picker with a luminosity slider, and chose 8 colors with the same luminosity values).
After switching to this theme I've hardly ever had any eye strain even after spending an entire day programming.
Of course it has some downsides, like you can't read the text over a colored background, but that's usually not a problem when it comes to syntax highlighting.

Just sharing my discovery in case it helps someone else who gets eye strain as often as I did.
7 posts omitted
8 guest@cc 2020-06-07T01:21:17
>>7 Not sure, but for the record the theme in the OP pic uses 70 (out of 100).
Although, I have heard the Solarized theme is based on a decent amount of research. Like they have a brighter background and it's slightly green which might be good.
Maybe copying the Solarized theme and just adjusting the colors a bit to have a fixed luminosity would be pretty good.
9 guest@cc 2020-06-07T07:45:52
ah yeah you're right, I mixed up the terms. always thought brightness and luminosity were synonyms.
10 guest@cc 2020-06-11T20:21:33 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: luminance-solarized.png (PNG, 182.06KB, 608x483)
Just posting a version based on Solarized. I think I like this a lot more than the one in the OP.
Also I reduced the vibrance of that red color that Solarized uses because it just didn't feel right.
12 guest@cc 2020-07-08T18:53:13 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: visible-wavelength-spectrum.jp… (JPEG, 62.46KB, 550x300)
anon... you have it wrong. the two phrases in your second left picture have the same amount of luminance, or the perceived amount of light if same amounts of light of different colors were emitted. whereas the words in your right picture have the same brightness, or the amount of perceived emitted light if the amount of emitted light was adjusted such that both colors would look equally bright to a human.
the issue isn't with the iris. the actual reason why it is harder to make out the words in your left picture is because your brain has a harder time detecting dark colors compared to the right picture, which was adjusted to look equally bright
13 guest@cc 2020-07-24T03:14:41
i'm not sure if you're implying that a color theme with constant luminosity is better for reading code easily, though i do uncritically accept that constant luminosity is probably good for reducing eye strain. but i don't think eye strain is the only factor in a good syntax highlighting scheme. the contrast between keywords and language tokens is also important, so the perfect color scheme would need some amount of contrast between colors too. also, color schemes are really personal not just in preference i think. what's tiring and confusing for me might be very comfortable and legible for you. i think if the number of unique colors are kept to a minimum it's a good color scheme. a lot of them have too many colors. if your editor supports italics and bold, that's another channel that can convey syntax information. i also like to use different values of the same color to keep the number of uniquely contrasting colors low. i arrived at this after months of trial and error.

1 Anonymous 2019-09-22T06:12:54 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 265668_10151526412782787_14768… (JPEG, 186.74 KB, 1800x1116)
Bros forever
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3 Anonymous 2019-09-26T06:27:30 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 953735.png (PNG, 473.08 KB, 920x692)

4 Anonymous 2019-09-28T07:48:37
5 Anonymous 2019-09-28T16:52:48
What's the name for this genra of music?
6 Anonymous 2019-09-29T03:44:14
It's Enka but with a hiphop twist, not sure if it has its own term.
7 Anonymous 2020-07-22T04:23:41

1 Player 1969-12-31T17:00:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: thumb_middle.png (PNG, 20.33 KB, 160x160)
What does 4taba feel about mobages?

It feels like mobages on the whole are pretty cancerous. It emphasizes spending micro transactions for anime girls than making compelling gameplay or story.
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8 Player 2020-07-12T12:52:03 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: DanmakuUnlimited3.jpg (JPEG, 177.5KB, 750x1000)
Danmaku Unlimited 3 is a legit good game. I liked it enough to even double dip on the PC version. I also really dig its look.
Have you tried out the Bullet Hell Monday games? Those are some excellent STGs as well.
9 Player 2020-07-13T22:36:29
I don't remember if I played the 2nd or the 3rd but the pc version was pretty good, I don't like playing shmups on a phone though
10 Player 2020-07-14T12:49:54
I mean honestly, fuck the story, fuck paying money. I usually play these to kill some time before sleeping. And most of the time the girls are cute. Used to play FGO earlier and sold my account a few years back, made a few hundred out of it.
Playing princess connect currently. You can totally F2P these games but you will miss out on some characters.
11 Player 2020-07-17T13:11:19
Impressive, how many hours logged? Not that RMT is exactly worth the time "investment" in itself, I already know.
Also, don't these games having login/out encourage that kind of behaviour? I didn't know phone games even had usernames and passwords. Unless you're just sharing a key or something.
12 Player 2020-07-19T23:27:41
How many hours no clue, but I am usually very thorough and I wont deny I had quite some luck aswell. Had about 19 ssr in fgo, few max bond characters aswell. Most of them were maxed in skills aswell I think. Big pain in the ass and eventually got bored. The game is not really exiting since the combat is freaking easy, outside of challenge events or weird comps I guess. Basically every character that got released at some point felt the same. Should just play these games for the waifu values honestly.
And yeah you dont really need to make an account usually, but if you want to transfer an account to a different mobile there are different ways to do it. In fgo it was some kind of key I think?

1 Anonymous 2020-07-18T08:00:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: does it work.html5 (HTML5, 803.0B, 100%x100%)
For the person trying to upload an HTML5, the main.html file has to be in the root of the tar.gz file.
2 Anonymous 2020-07-18T08:00:54
this uploaded properly, but it doesn't work for other reasons
Anonymous 2020-07-18T08:01:15
*these other reasons shouldn't effect you*

1 Anonymous 2019-06-15T09:19:01 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 766.png (PNG, 1.03 MB, 1680x984)
Do you know.. what this marker.. CAN DOoOO?
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10 The Great Cornholio 2019-06-15T20:57:04 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 95aw7lpvi5b01.jpg (JPEG, 16.45 KB, 350x348)
I SAID THAT YOU WILL BELOVE MY BUNGHOLE. Why don't i use tp for my peepee
11 Anonymous 2019-06-16T09:07:05
Best thread
12 Anonymous 2020-07-06T23:03:34 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 868.png (PNG, 595.51KB, 838x488)
Do you know.. what my elephant.. CAN DOoOO?
13 Anonymous 2020-07-09T14:13:08
I am pickle rick
14 Anonymous 2020-07-10T06:48:06 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 8632509.jpg (JPEG, 16.36KB, 276x279)
You're spending at least 15-20 bucks a month to host a meme imageboard that a few crossposters will use as a virtual shitter.
Anonymous 2020-07-12T01:13:31
4taba's nice though. It's one of very few imageboards where there really isn't a set topic but it's also not garbage

1 Anonymous 2020-04-05T19:08:57 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: beb5dcf3eda3f80f7ef62d4750a9a7… (JPEG, 41.57KB, 338x486)
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19 Anonymous 2020-04-05T19:23:37 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: c412a3bada323dd19973934c3fcc25… (JPEG, 38.74KB, 400x360)
20 Anonymous 2020-04-05T19:24:49 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: f67f923d63abb08bff47ce988da434… (JPEG, 14.02KB, 236x285)
21 Anonymous 2020-04-05T19:25:11 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 98790382756.jpg (JPEG, 30.09KB, 600x266)
22 Anonymous 2020-04-05T19:25:30 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: hud8.gif (GIF, 111.72KB, 550x400)
23 Anonymous 2020-07-07T21:46:17 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: c9ae247f0b6959d0379e1ad8c128c7… (GIF, 37.66KB, 288x413)

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