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1 guest@cc 2022-04-16T02:31:20 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1555355447424.png (PNG, 340.42KB, 572x642)
ok so if computational processes are beings that inhabit computers, people create programs to conjure those spirits and you have no magical power ability whatsoever then is there any hope for becoming a wizard
2 guest@cc 2022-04-16T08:55:04
Yes, just read the Holy Texts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C_Programming_Language
3 guest@cc 2022-04-16T10:49:28 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: sicp treasure.jpg (JPEG, 277.47KB, 1920x1080)
I can't believe I have to write spoilers to a textbook, but here it goes. Read at your own peril.

In the last two chapters the curtain is pulled back and you get to see how the wizard's magic works. It's part of the book's "story", they start with saying the computer science is not really a science but has more in common with magic. But this is not approving, they want it to mature into science and they gradually reveal what goes on behind the scene. Early science was also connected to magic and esotericism, hence the alchemist on the cover of the book. I think it is fitting because many people seem to be stuck in the "programming is reciting spells" phase for an embarrassing amount of time.

But yes, if you read SICP, it will teach you what you need to know to become a wizard and more.
4 guest@cc 2022-04-17T00:41:23
ok i will start making a hat

1 名無しさん 2021-12-27T05:20:55 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 523407.jpg (JPEG, 491.33KB, 752x1200)
2 名無しさん 2021-12-30T16:23:35
>no more IWF
3 名無しさん 2022-03-08T07:35:55 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 436.jpg (JPEG, 20.94KB, 400x300)
That's a good thing as it is western trash created by people who have no knowledge on the source material itself.
4 名無しさん 2022-03-19T01:39:40
>no knowledge on the source material itself

Is gay porn more or less complicated than taking a screenshot?
5 名無しさん 2022-03-20T13:17:17
>gay porn

I do seriously wonder how these japanese otaku culture imageboard communities are supposed to differ from one another. I'd probably get the same stupid reply browsing 4chan's awful /jp/.
Here's just a small list of articles you can read up on but I seriously doubt you'd even care.
And here just another article that lists the characters in GPW by popular vote which doesn't even include every single one.

1 Anonymous 2022-03-19T17:14:05 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: api.jpg (JPEG, 31.84KB, 1280x720)
Pi network is a cryptocurrency that you can earn with your phone, just install the "Pi network" app on your phone, enter the code "Berssange" and enter the app once a day to prove that you are not a bot and that's it, you’ll earn an amount of currency per hour, the app is lightweight and doesn’t waste resources, the currency is new and priceless, it’s a good time to enter, then just sell the currency when it enters the market.
Good opportunity to get Pi for free and profit much later.
2 Anonymous 2022-03-20T00:39:44
is this a post or spam...

1 Anonymous 2020-08-04T22:49:54 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: centipede_0.jpg (JPEG, 54.43KB, 800x400)
2 Anonymous 2020-08-04T23:58:25 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: sea_slug.jpg (JPEG, 130.19KB, 700x525)
3 Anonymous 2020-08-06T08:51:58 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: lamprey.jpg (JPEG, 48.12KB, 650x325)
4 Anonymous 2022-02-21T23:15:23
All of these critters are so lewd...!
5 Anonymous 2022-02-22T02:39:39

1 名無しさん 2019-06-03T11:50:15 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: youtube.jpg (JPEG, 62.12 KB, 894x894)
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44 名無しさん 2020-05-09T07:32:51
46 名無しさん 2021-08-17T16:40:03
47 名無しさん 2021-09-18T12:15:41
48 名無しさん 2021-10-30T17:24:57
49 名無しさん 2022-02-12T03:05:05

1 kusonobif 2021-12-30T22:05:01 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: sugoi.png (PNG, 62.57KB, 548x345)
Don't worry, 4taba .
You're invited to the New Year's Eve party, too.
We didn't forget you. You'll always have a special place in our hearts.
You'll be coming to play Gikopoi with us on Friday night... right....? Right 4taba..? You're not going to let us down?

> Main event:

Midnight, EST time (-0500)
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6 Player 2022-01-04T02:43:26
I spent my time on the Japanese server. I'm the asshole who said Happy Halloween.
7 Player 2022-01-13T23:45:31
do you think gikopoi needs anything?
8 Player 2022-01-16T23:06:25
You should win prizes by logging in. 100 consecutive daily logins and you win a new graphics card.
Other than that, I can't think of anything other than click-avatar-to-ignore. Maybe there was a new way to ignore people I didn't see.
9 Player 2022-01-17T21:36:23
How do you make your speech bubble disappear? If I say something it floats forever,
10 Player 2022-01-24T15:22:44
>speech bubble
hit enter once more after sending your message
after you write something just hit enter twice instead of once

1 Player 2019-12-29T08:49:35 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1435568944_lobsok.gif (GIF, 4.45MB, 480x320)
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1 Player 1969-12-31T17:00:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: IIDX express emotion.jpg (JPEG, 59.7 KB)
I claim this board in the name of rhythm games!
66 Player 2021-11-07T20:14:38 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: theatrhythm.0.jpg (JPEG, 104.91KB, 1200x800)
>a certain other game becoming popular.
Friday Night Funk? I tried that one for the heck of it and I can't really enjoy the DDR-style inputs which I assume is the same thing as Stepmania. Stylized inputs like here in Theatrhythm (3DS) or the Vocaloid games let me ramp up the difficulty, and they also seem far more attuned to the song. I think too many supposed rhythm games just throw out a billion inputs for difficulty and it's not even related to the song at that point.
67 Player 2021-11-08T21:50:44
I like to sometimes play with Stepmania. Using the keyboard, with only two index fingers. I'm not good at it either, I have to set it so that the arrows come at a constant speed because I just can't adjust to speed changes, not even across songs but especially not during songs.
68 Player 2021-11-08T21:56:38 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: normalmodo.png (PNG, 1.16MB, 1918x1080)
Caught my in an instant >>66. I stumbled on FnF and tried it out in curiosity, then quickly heard about Stepmania in discussions about that game.
Stepmania being an open source game that relies on its community for content, I had to do some digging to find songs and maps that weren't aggressively technical. Even maps said to be easy often opened up with a dense flood of notes I couldn't read. After finding appropriately newbie friendly stuff, I was actually able to start learning common patterns and how maps are built.

It seems, for Stepmania in this case, the notes are set to some part of the song, it's just that designers often pick parts of the song that have a bunch of notes to play, especially for hard songs, but this is still true in "easy" songs. I have a mechanical keyboard, so I can actually hear the stuff I play matching with the song...though this doesn't make it anymore welcoming.
With all that said, I ended up having fun, and my interest in the genre increased.
69 Player 2021-11-16T03:41:02 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: geometry-dash.png (PNG, 50.34KB, 640x480)
I'm kind of taken aback to find that there is a controversy about whether this is a rhythm game or not. I shouldn't be surprised given this is the internet, but it seems to bring some genuine annoyance out of some people.
70 Player 2022-01-12T16:45:20
Improvement attempts in progress

1 Anonymous 2019-07-17T20:38:04 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: Hug.jpg (JPEG, 478.37 KB, 1920x1080)
One of the things I most enjoyed about Kemono Friends was the knowledge that I could enjoy the series and it's surrounding culture in a completely casual way.
After I watched it a few times, I felt no need to obsess over it, no need to research the drama at Kadokawa, no need to follow fan artists on Twitter for the latest fan comics, nothing. Just a relatively small image folder and I was fine. I haven't even touched S2, which seems to have been a wise choice.

Coming from a background of obsessing over things, with Milky Holmes coming to mind, it's nice being able to lightly enjoy something. Whenever I see a Friend image, I'm immediately filled with good feelings about enjoying the show, rather than any bitterness that obsession usually brings.

Do you cats have any anime that you feel this way about?
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6 Anonymous 2019-07-19T20:05:50
Fuqqqin' casuals.
Anonymous (Sat)Jul 20 2019 04:01:40
yah. I've (>>4) only watched one show since KF ended. I don't have the energy to be committed to anything at all anymore.
7 Anonymous 2019-07-23T12:41:42 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: NoPetIsSafe.jpg (JPEG, 117.86 KB, 987x1003)
Come on G don't be like that.
8 Anonymous 2019-08-19T18:30:32
you wouldn't happen to be from seacats, would you?
9 Anonymous 2019-08-21T14:48:54
I like to watch anime that gets memed on like Death Note or Naruto while ignoring everything about the fanbase and also everything people say about the fanbase
10 Anonymous 2022-01-11T08:09:33
>I like to watch anime that gets memed on like Death Note or Naruto while ignoring everything about the fanbase and also everything people say about the fanbase
GOOD plan.

1 Anonymous 2021-12-28T01:41:42 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: true.jpeg (JPEG, 54.83KB, 432x432)
Knowledge is the Key, whoever is superior have the Knowledge that you don't have, Secret societies members ranks different than the other due to their knowledge level, those people whose think that they know better than all of you whose don't know for the Nation's interest, but actually its for their own interest, and we all are nothing but collateral casualties for them, they Brain wash us through our schools, closing our conscious, blinding our eyes to the reality and the facts around us to realize the knowledge that we suppose to have in order to retrieve one mandatory thing, its our true Rights, our Humane Rights that you do know from within, and have no clue if it exist, the Rights that we lived seeing others enjoying it while we are suffering Hunger and Deprivation, they didn't even stop, as they think that they superior than us, they thinks that they have to control us, manipulate us, vaccinate us, limit our existence, eliminate our own children, because we grow in numbers to the extend that they cannot tolerate, so they go with a plan from the beginning, but something they didn't plan for have came up, their whole story have leaked out, and a new knowledge have awakened early, that's why they have rushed everything to push the people to be vaccinated as soon as they can, so they cant think, or act, here is the knowledge that will make you superior than all of them, know what this is all about and awaken your consciousness:-

The System Name: System 37 (RXMHQ)

Description: Complete System that replace all the current invalid systems retrieving the humanity looted Rights back.

Status: Activated but the current systems succeeded to hide it from the minds.

Attempts: So many bases in different platforms have been made about it, and all of it has been banned by the systems to nullify the chance of knowing it.

System Slogan: System 37 has been created to eliminate all the current invalid systems around the Nations decades ago, such invalid systems that caused the Chaos we Human beings are living now... all this about to change once you have the knowledge...

The System preparatory Pages (site):

The System (PDF):
2 Anonymous 2021-12-28T22:53:32
This is too weird, hell of information through first 7 pages, i am curious to know more about this strange sys.
It make me feel oppressed and i have rights i dont know yet..
3 Anonymous 2021-12-30T02:13:03
You are damn right, whats going on.
4 Anonymous 2022-01-01T04:09:28
Execute order 66
5 Anonymous 2022-01-02T14:16:45
Its just like you have redpilled dude
i am in

1 Anonymous 2021-11-13T23:38:14 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 719030.jpg (JPEG, 2.54MB, 5100x3300)
Don't mind me, I just really like this particular show.
It's one of the first Gundam shows I actually watched, so I guess I didn't watch it in the right order, but I still enjoyed it greatly.
2 Anonymous 2021-11-13T23:40:00 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 499289.jpg (JPEG, 2.91MB, 1548x2203)
More than anything, I think the show is just pleasant to watch. Even though it is a war story, the atmosphere and vast interaction has a calming effect on me.
3 Anonymous 2021-11-13T23:49:25 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 736915.jpg (JPEG, 3.36MB, 4965x6883)
Favorite scene in the show right here. The entire episode was really strong, in fact.
4 Anonymous 2021-11-21T18:33:56 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 367791.jpg (JPEG, 446.91KB, 1877x2397)
Gunka no Kioku

I'm often amazed at just how versatile Yoko Kanno is.
5 Anonymous 2021-12-12T22:41:42 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 577569.jpg (JPEG, 875.06KB, 3029x2144)

1 Anonymous 2019-10-03T02:24:11 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1500998794105.jpg (JPEG, 2.52 MB, 2039x1450)
Well hi

I hope you will all have good lifes
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12 Anonymous 2021-11-07T13:58:03 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 6ef0f8cf3f70430122aa6e2edd4822… (GIF, 205.11KB, 900x556)
13 Anonymous 2021-11-08T01:15:33 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 0dcc3cce0c1e9ac389161f3f5cb46f… (GIF, 241.62KB, 700x434)
14 Anonymous 2021-11-14T00:28:44 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 2405c06e80587bc59d6e6b90c9d32f… (GIF, 194.6KB, 960x486)
15 Anonymous 2021-12-03T11:50:25 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 93398327ac8fa2cda6b85c905dc227… (GIF, 213.74KB, 800x500)
16 Anonymous 2021-12-08T13:30:32 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1588803772695.gif (GIF, 557.94KB, 500x288)

1 Player 2020-01-16T04:13:11 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: Yuugi-ep-34-smile.jpg (JPEG, 134.71KB, 499x381)
Post em

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9 Player 2020-10-25T17:21:12 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: (´・ω・`).gif (GIF, 24.5KB, 100x100)
Bomberman Hero

Sangokushi Retsuden: Ransei no Eiyuutachi

Roly-Polys no Nanakorobi Yaoki


Melty Blood

Popira 2


Various PC-98 and X68 games
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZnwkUuG0KI - Rusty
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAZ3mvXaRec - Cyberblock Metal Orange EX
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7ddJNHDSgw - The Dome
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jQeubY3-eY - Only You: Seikimatsu no Juliet-tachi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5nSR7Fn8fs - Akiko Premium

Alternative arrangements
Comment too long. View thread to read entire comment.
10 Player 2020-11-06T12:10:22

the 5th stage is my favourite track from mushihimesama. can't seem to find that version in flac though
11 Player 2020-11-19T04:00:48
It's really a great and fairly unknown game. The combat is pretty strange and hard to describe, but it's sort of similar to Rance or Advance Wars maybe? It's pretty infamous for its dark atmosphere, including child trafficking and rape among others. It also has an infamous evil route that becomes available in a new game+ that is really truly evil.
12 Player 2021-08-28T04:18:07 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1612771895677.jpg (JPEG, 141.77KB, 1336x1781)
Dewprism, don't hear about many people talk about this game. enjoyable


13 Player 2021-11-21T16:37:53 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: pexels-cottonbro-4841189.jpg (JPEG, 682.01KB, 2333x3500)
Pinball Fantasies

1 Anonymous 2018-09-11T02:46:21 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: Alpha.gif (GIF, 2.51 MB, 294x233)
After rewatching this once again, I feel so melancholy.
Not sad, but far from happy.

Let's talk about anime & manga that follow similar veins.
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14 Anonymous 2018-09-20T08:22:44
What did it say?
15 Anonymous 2018-09-20T17:35:07
I made a mistake thinking the movie posted above was directed by Miyazaki.
16 Anonymous 2021-11-08T19:23:06 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 4172c68c2da66c417d40cfd0247c75… (JPEG, 411.74KB, 743x1012)
I want to finish this comic one day, maybe even properly by the series for myself. It really is a nice comic.
17 Anonymous 2021-11-19T19:50:06 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 80c20e520004eaa87b4d89366153d5… (JPEG, 186.88KB, 1024x768)
18 Anonymous 2021-11-19T20:05:01 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: 1606847367769.png (PNG, 2.17MB, 1600x2296)
Alpha's the best!

1 Anonymous 2020-01-12T13:18:10 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: refs.jpg (JPEG, 109.27KB, 1280x720)
Does not require JS nor any other shit, has board creation, CAPTCHA is disabled, anime allowed:
http://jx5occy7c3f7euxcs4orjdlomqmtrmirk3faer2av6jy7xuizv6dyfid.onion/ - TOR v3 (recommended)
http://i7m2kl7tmelclcye.onion/ - TOR
http://rdch.heliohost.org/ - bunker
https://rodentchan.danwin1210.me/ - clearnet
2 Anonymous 2020-01-12T16:46:18
>anime allowed
What? Are there imageboards where anime is an illegal topic?
3 Anonymous 2020-01-13T15:57:21
I don't browse the place but I head it was a crime on operatorchan
4 Anonymous 2020-07-01T01:26:05
5 Anonymous 2020-07-01T19:48:33
https://danwin1210.me/hosting/ Site's down.
6 Anonymous 2021-11-07T14:29:58 [ImgOps] [iqdb]
File: small.png (PNG, 10.17KB, 85x62)
js boards suck

1 guest@cc 2021-10-25T09:11:32

lots of jargons and names... i cant seem to remember them.
jsut like i dont remember all the characters from the comic i buy.

especially if they look substantially worthless.

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