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【332】てきとー [last50 /ni/]


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【102】 [last50 /ni/]


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【2】 [last50 /ni/]

1. Choose a name and avatar
2. Use keyboard arrows to move around- the arrows on the ground are screen transitions
3. In the chat window you can type #rula to teleport
4. Remember shift+enter to send text
5. You can set someone to ignore by clicking their avatar and choosing 'yes'
6. There are little gray arrows in the corner of the "game" screen for areas that support audio or video streaming

There's a bit of a tradition in logging in gikopoi and hanging out for New Year's Eve as it goes through various timezones. There's a chance this will be the last time it ever happens because of the flash brouhaha.
Who's going to join me?

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【290】Untitled [last50 /ni/]


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【280】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

What was in his tape collection?

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【275】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

Wake up, /ni/. We've got a job to do.

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【273】Untitled [last50 /ni/]


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【200】 [last50 /ni/]


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【267】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

Anyone here currently living in japan?
If so, how did you do it?
I'm recently considering to move there, my life here is just not going where I wanted it to go. I'm about to drop out of my studies, and I don't have any direction at all after that. I'm just getting older and older and the way this is going I'm either going to off myself in a few years or ill work some stupid job at a burger restaurant or something. And if that's the case I might aswell do that in japan right?
What I been considering is that I would go there on a tourist visa which would give me 90 days to find a job there, and then change it to a work visa which would increase the period up to 5 years. My japanese is about N2-3 so that should suffice but obviously I still have to brush up on it.
But it does seem very risky. I'm not sure how easy it is to find work as a foreigner since they don't seem to be too liked there.
Just felt like writing all this I don't know. If you got some input or whatever feel free.

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【260】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

haha benis

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【259】不思議な考え [last50 /ni/]

For the mysterious thoughts

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【265】The sweet potato gag [last50 /ni/]

How long has this trope been around? When was it conceived? I haven't watched recent anime in a long time, but does current anime still use this trope? (I would imagine shows like Crayon Shin-chan still do)

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【246】Best 2hus [last50 /ni/]

Who is the best Touhou and why is she Tokiko?

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【264】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

For decades, the "nerd" or "otaku" stereotype has been embedded into popular culture and cartoons. In some instances, these references to socially awkward hobbyists have been used as a means for writers to vent about fans they don't like (ie; the Animaniacs "Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation"). This thread will be a set of examples to nerd/otaku characters that have been written into cartoons, comics, video games, etc. If you wish to contribute, by all means post some examples (preferably with the source)

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【261】Lo-resolution||Lo-color(pixel)art thread [last50 /ni/]

There was another thread but I couldn't find it, maybe lost in the migration. This guy's art is pretty nice, and he seems to put something out every other day: https://www.pixiv.net/users/5753136


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【258】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

I need to know Japanese paranormal discussion sites and blogs

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【251】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

RIP 4taba.
Cheers for being a place I could take it easy at for all these years.

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【256】Untitled [last50 /ni/]


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【255】*-Tans [last50 /ni/]

When a disk is full, new software will leave to walk among the living. Who's your favourite?

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【254】beatmario and Amane's child is born [last50 /ni/]


Both COOL&CREATE members got married in 2016, and now they had a child.


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【212】 [last50 /ni/]


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【218】 [last50 /ni/]

I just found this board

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【240】 [last50 /ni/]

Are we live?

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【3】Untitled [last50 /ni/]


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【253】Кризотиниб от официальной аптеки [last50 /ni/]

Чтобы вылечить рак, требуется дорогостоящее и эффективное
Медикамент <a href=https://anticancer24.ru/shop/103/desc/xalkori>Ксалкори (Crizotinib) - Xalkori (Кризотиниб)</a>
предназначен для терапии немелкоклеточного рака лёгких. Новейшее средство успело отлично зарекомендовать себя в терапии серьёзного заболевания.

Состав и свойства
В эффективный препарат последнего поколения входит активное
лекарственное вещество кризотиниб, которое является
селективным ингибитором тирозинкиназы и киназы анапластической
Также в препарат включены дополнительные вещества,
которые способствуют лучшей абсорбции лекарственного
Лекарство последнего поколения прекращает дальнейшее развитие
злокачественной опухоли и убивает раковые клетки.
В результате воздействия средства происходит индуцирование
кризотинибом опухолевых клеточных структур.
Препарат Ксалкори – мощное противоопухолевое средство,
которое часто назначается врачами, если предыдущее лечение
рака лёгких не принесло положительного результата.
Противоопухолевое воздействие средства является дозозависимым.
Чтобы медикамент
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【1】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

Remember to enjoyee your lifetime !!

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【250】UFO thread [last50 /ni/]

I love UFO (except for the ones at arcade, since I spend too much money on them)

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【228】 [last50 /ni/]


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【248】Untitled [last50 /ni/]

look who I found in akihabara guys haha

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【153】 [last50 /ni/]


90 Replies
【236】 [last50 /ni/]

How ironic that my last post on 8ch was these poltards will get the site shut down and it happend.

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【247】Drawr.net is getting erased on Dec 2, 2019 [last50 /ni/]

Another site with more than a decade's worth of content being shut down forever. So I guess just use this thread to post archived art and maybe updates from sites like Archive Team if they give a shit enough to notice.

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【225】 [last50 /ni/]

Go here
and bring something here

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【241】 [last50 /ni/]

Can someone link me the 8/jp/ bunker?

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【245】 [last50 /ni/]

Happy cirno/dreamcast day

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【244】 [last50 /ni/]


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【207】Japanese retro documentaries [last50 /ni/]

Here's an English subtitled "The Making of Nadia":

I also remember seeing one for an eroge studio where they had the interviewer girl dress up in a bunny outfit, but I can't seem to find it anymore. It might've been elf or Illusion, anyone recognize it?

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【243】Add to the list of Reasons Why You Should Move To Japan [last50 /ni/]

1.) Good food that doesn't turn you into a blimp full of lard
2.) Medicine that doesn't give you kidney disease, autism, cancer, etc.
3.) Culture revolves around being polite and respectful
4.) Women aren't whores

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【209】Welcome usertester! [Usertesting] [last50 /ni/]

We're glad to have you here! To make sure that everything works as intended please reply to this thread by clicking on the 【209】button. - 4taba staff

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【242】 [last50 /ni/]

I want her to shot me in the fucking head

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【239】 [last50 /ni/]

What are some other good /jp/ spinoffs where touhou is actually being posted?

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【238】qNa w/ shita-tan [last50 /ni/]


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【237】 [last50 /ni/]


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【234】 [last50 /ni/]


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【232】Japanese Schools (classrooms, hallways, etc) [last50 /ni/]


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【233】Methods to download and view running anime [last50 /ni/]

Arranged roughly in order of personal preference, ascending:

Any torrent I download, I seed forever. In my opinion, the High Definition Scene-Quality® rips that get uploaded to trackers don't deserve this treatment. To explain my stance, I'll do up a little timeline of anime encodes from broadcast to shelf.

1. An anime studio edits and masters the next episode of their running franchise and sends it to different broadcast stations across the nation. It's probably in 480 or 720p, or somewhere in-between.
2. Japan, being a small, dense island nation, has network infrastructure ahead of anywhere else in the world. Looking at the Wikipedia article, it seems like the NHK offers both a 4K and an 8K television channel. I don't think they do anime so that fact isn't strictly relevant, but basically 1080p is their "Standard Definition" at this point. So those probably 480 or 720p or somewhere in-between masters are stretched out to that resolution before:
3. That new 1080p upscale is broadcast to each locale's local television station. Configurations vary wildly at the local level, so you'll have a bunch of anime video streams all butchered in their own, unique ways. Effects can include:
- Another round of rescaling (up or down)
- Conversion to interlaced video
- Filtering to try to make the video look less awful
- Putting the audio through a vocoder because it's funny
- Somebody spilt coffee on the film reel
4. Somebody in Japan records this broadcast through their cassette player. Both the television and the V.C.R. rescale and re-encode this video yet again according to their own default settings.
5. This cassette is scanned (okay, I'm probably being a little cruel here. I'm sure the Japanese use CDs already.) and uploaded to a blog somewhere as a .wmv in a 20-part rar archive, just as the Scene Roolz say.
6. A budding translacoder group and/or Crunchyroll downloads this file and crops it to its relevant sections, HOPEFULLY keeping the opening and credits sequences in tact. Then, they upscale this final 240p file to 1080p again and try as hard as they can to make it look good. They succeed more or less, but not without substantial losses. The remaining pixels make a desperate run onto the evacuation copter and are lifted to the safety of their home torrent tracker. As a sick joke, the translacoders might decide to convert the audio to FLAC or something.
(7. Another group picks this file up, upscales it to 4K, changes all instances of the phrase "Transform!" to "Henshin!", comes up with some funny and creative chapter titles at their favourite parts, puts their name on it, and uploads it to a public tracker.)

Also, the translation group embeds their Google-translated
subtitles/Crunchyroll's Bing-translated subtitles into the file as a bloated ASS with unnecessary rainbow effects on their JIBUN WOOOOOOOOOOO romanji karaoke lyrics and they tell you that this "translation" only comes as a set with that Babylonian artefact of a video file, but that's an entirely separate issue.

I'm okay with watching seasonal anime that's been put through that whole mincer because it's not that much worse than catching it on live TV, but with the quality of the video combined with the sheer ego of these translacoder groups really makes me want to avoid giving them what they want. I'm not going to commit to downloading a torrent file like that when I can wait for an untouched scan of the DVD/BD (which goes through one or less two layers of Digitally-Enhanced Remaster® fuckery) to release instead.

You can find these on any choice of torrent tracker, but it's probably better to stick to public ones like Nyaa, Pantsucat, and Tokyotosho, unless you want to hold onto those things for long, for their sentimental value or whatever.

Web stream:
Take that entire process, but you don't have to torrent it but the subtitles are burned directly into the video because their shitty Javascript web player can't handle it otherwise. It's probably been through yet another round of compression and the admittedly valiant efforts of the translacoder group to make the video not look completely horrendous in the end are voided.

Look up "watch anime (anime name) free" in your favourite search engine or whatever and you'll probably find one.

Web download/FTP/XDCC/Whatever:
Take web streams, but without those disadvantages. Unfortunately, most with the technical know-how will tell people to torrent it instead of rehosting it theirselves.

>Web download

Use very specific search engine queries. What you'll find is either:
People who misconfigured their webservers and are sharing their own files by accident ("Directory of...")
A web frontend for an FTP server. I think a site called "weebftp.org" used to have this, but it's completely down now.
Both of these are documented on the "opendirectories" Reddit page as people find them, if you don't have a lethal allergy to that site. Alternatively, if you're willing to go through pages and pages of crap and DMCA notifications, you can use a couple of simple search engine templates to find what you're looking for. Here's a website that used to be hosted at "scrpe.com", just paste the data into your address bar: https://pastebin.com/5df2mEa7
Just be warned, it makes its queries through Google.


Be a member of some kind of secret society.


Channels that host an XDCC service tend to be somewhat elitist, so don't be surprised if you run into metadata/file comments indicating rip authorship, and even watermarks in the more extreme cases.
I try to avoid XDCC, but I think Anime-Sharing has a couple of bots for it.

There you have it, hopefully this helps some people out.

~Copy Sofuto Man

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【216】 [last50 /ni/]

Who HOMU here?

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【148】ASS WE CAN [last50 /ni/]

Thought about making this thread here hours ago, but was too sad.
It needs to be done though. Goodnight sweet prince.

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【231】Old 2ch Screencaps [last50 /ni/]


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【192】Who's your favorite doujin artist [last50 /ni/]

Mine is Shiruka Bakaudon

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【230】 [last50 /ni/]

Why do Japanese people still use Skype


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【226】Old Japanese Websites [last50 /ni/]

This is the homepage of an artist named Chitose, pixiv id 26951, his last posts on pixiv and on his homepage were made in 2013.

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【229】 [last50 /ni/]


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【227】Madotsuki [last50 /ni/]

Did we ever had a Madotsuki thread on here?

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【222】 [last50 /ni/]

Alright guys I'm going to Family Mart, what do you want?

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【185】 [last50 /ni/]

A reminder to everyone that geocities.jp sites will be gone within the following month, so if you had things you want to save from there, be sure to do so now!

45 Replies
【117】 [last50 /ni/]

12 Replies
【188】 [last50 /ni/]

/ni/ > all other boards

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【182】 [last50 /ni/]


5 Replies
【193】 [last50 /ni/]

Go to Futaba, bring something back

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【203】 [last50 /ni/]

Why is /ni/ so shitty?

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【224】 [last50 /ni/]


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【223】 [last50 /ni/]

haha look at her play

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【221】 [last50 /ni/]

         γ⌒ヽ     γ⌒ヽ       γ⌒ヽ        γ⌒ヽ
           ゝ __ノ      ゝ __ノ       ゝ __ノ        ゝ __ノ
             γ⌒ヽ     γ⌒ヽ       γ⌒ヽ       .γ⌒ヽ
              ゝ __ノ      ゝ __ノ       ゝ __ノ        ゝ __ノ
               γ⌒ヽ     γ⌒ヽ       γ⌒ヽ       γ⌒ヽ
                ゝ __ノ     ゝ __ノ       ゝ __ノ        ゝ __ノ
       lヽ,____,      γ⌒ヽ     γ⌒ヽ       γ⌒ヽ      γ⌒ヽ
      ∠/,,,,,,,,,,,)      ゝ __ノ      ゝ __ノ       ゝ __ノ         ゝ __ノ
   <>(  //ノ、)ヽ\  ..lll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
   <>ヽ(( i ゚ヮ) \,,ll゙゙゙              +::∵;:*∴                 
    <>\i>>yi ヽ ,,llll゙゙'               :;;::∴::;;:∵ ←
    ∠ゝく//_|〉∪ /'lll,,,             :∵+;;:::-*∴
        し'ノ  /  ゙ll゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙゙
             レ ー ヴ ァ テ ィ ン !

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【219】 [last50 /ni/]


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【214】 [last50 /ni/]


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【179】 [last50 /ni/]

>no food

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【217】 [last50 /ni/]


2 Replies
【215】 [last50 /ni/]


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【208】 [last50 /ni/]

That one

2 Replies
【211】 [last50 /ni/]

/ni/ meet up

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【213】 [last50 /ni/]

What are you up to, karepippi?

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【210】 [last50 /ni/]

Rei wa

13 Replies
【165】 [last50 /ni/]

Take It Eazy

3 Replies
【147】 [last50 /ni/]

This thread is brought to you by the number ⑨.
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ⑨!

7 Replies
【151】 [last50 /ni/]

Which 2hu would you like to be your daughter?

7 Replies
【195】 [last50 /ni/]


1 Replies
【206】 [last50 /ni/]


3 Replies
【205】 [last50 /ni/]


5 Replies
【197】 [last50 /ni/]

Whenever you're getting faded or drinking 40s, remember to blow a little of that green out and pour some on the ground for all the /jp/ homies in gensokyo
Thank you

2 Replies
【199】 [last50 /ni/]

If you had a Japanese wife what would you do with her?

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【196】 [last50 /ni/]

"Tears streamed down Muneyasu's face. 'I am nothing but a bungler; I had better kill myself."

18 Replies
【150】 [last50 /ni/]

Patchy needs /jp/ to cheer her up!

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【194】 [last50 /ni/]

Talk about ウゴウゴルーガ
igs my're favoite tb showe

3 Replies
【70】 [last50 /ni/]

lol i just farted but there was poop in my fart xD lol now i have to change my thong ^_^

9 Replies
【190】 [last50 /ni/]

dojin.co went down sometime. It had a pretty good collection of download links for dojin albums, and critically, GENRE TAGS.
Without it I dont know of any way to sift through dojin music. The touhou lossless collection is just a file tree with /artist/album/song.
Pepole were shilling a d**c*rd when google led me to a reddit dedicated to the site in the course of looking for info on it being down, systematically using a chatlog as a dump for links is fucking repugnant even when its not obese webshit.

3 Replies
【189】 [last50 /ni/]

wowaka passed away due to an acute heart failure. He was only 31.

10 Replies
【186】 [last50 /ni/]

Together, or not together.

These are the last traces of those dreamlike days.

20 Replies
【163】 [last50 /ni/]


1 Replies
【184】 [last50 /ni/]


4 Replies
【162】 [last50 /ni/]


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【183】64ch.net [last50 /ni/]

we need more post.. 64ch.net help friends!!!!

4 Replies
【180】 [last50 /ni/]

don't reply to this thread

6 Replies
【181】 [last50 /ni/]

I checked out 4chan the other day.
/s4s/ is like /jp/ if every post was WATAFUK MAN and there was no 2hu.

29 Replies
【149】Virtual Youtubers [last50 /ni/]

What is your opinion on Virtual Youtubers?

1 Replies
【178】 [last50 /ni/]

コンギョ〜 コンギョ〜 コンギョーガップロ〜

1 Replies
【177】 [last50 /ni/]


4 Replies
【173】 [last50 /ni/]

What are you staring at, creep?

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【176】Sexy Japanese Girls [last50 /ni/]

needs to be a thread nida~

2 Replies
【174】Strange Crossovers [last50 /ni/]


7 Replies
【172】 [last50 /ni/]

can you count 10 in nipanese?

9 Replies
【170】Double Check [last50 /ni/]

Just double checking, everyone here knows Japanese, right? Would be really weird to be posting on a site called 下葉チャンネル without knowing Japanese, haha.

1 Replies
【171】9/9 [last50 /ni/]

you know i had to do it to em

17 Replies
【168】 [last50 /ni/]

Too dumb to learn Japanese....

5 Replies
【169】 [last50 /ni/]


1 Replies
【167】 [last50 /ni/]


15 Replies
【152】Jurassic nyan-nyan thread [last50 /ni/]


0 Replies
【166】 [last50 /ni/]


11 Replies
【164】 [last50 /ni/]

Why is /qa/ so awful?

6 Replies
【156】Surprising Japanese Followings [last50 /ni/]

What are some things that surprised you for having a following in Japan?

The I Wanna Be The Guy (IWBTG) game, notorious for its difficulty, has a lot of Japanese fangames directly based on or inspired by it.

12 Replies
【138】 [last50 /ni/]

I should try to learn Japanese.
What made you want to learn Japanese?

9 Replies
【129】 [last50 /ni/]

Hey shitaba jaypee do you like Lolicore?
Starting with a classic!

6 Replies
【136】 [last50 /ni/]


17 Replies
【146】Moe Character Sexualization & Purity [last50 /ni/]

I refuse to sexualize moe characters.

What about you?

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【142】go back to 4chan /jp/, kids [last50 /ni/]

the experiment has failed

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Just know I love all of you anons

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【144】 [last50 /ni/]

Happy New Year, anon-kun.

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【141】Tsundere Girl Appeal [last50 /ni/]

What is the appeal of tsundere girls?

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【119】 [last50 /ni/]

>nihongo to eigo
What if I made a thread about English? English is a fun language too.
I do hope to not drown out the Japanese threads though.

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【143】 [last50 /ni/]

you win teh price

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【27】 [last50 /ni/]


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【106】 [last50 /ni/]

I want to go through the BORDERREALM with Hecatia!

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【134】 [last50 /ni/]

I want my 8jp back..

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Oh, I'm excited for the next Touhou game. Maybe it'll run on Windows 10 properly.

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【135】 [last50 /ni/]

Is this someone's fetish?

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【132】Post in this thread [last50 /ni/]

every time you are lonely

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【21】 [last50 /ni/]

You should be able to read all these characters.

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【126】Katawa Shoujo Thread [last50 /ni/]

Katawa Shoujo thread? Playing for the first time, on Emi's route, don't know if good or bad, yet.
What was your first route? Who's best gril? Best non-love interest character?

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【133】 [last50 /ni/]

Why it is such an obligatory to joke around in the 1st day of April. Picture of site admin irl related.

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【121】 [last50 /ni/]

While browsing the web late last year, I came across the website of a Pascal otaku. He's really into the language! He has so much info that he's collected, on his website, and he even wrote his own compiler for standard Pascal, written in standard Pascal and adapted from a 1976 compiler.
What's the most unusual or niche otaku you've seen? Whose enthusiasm fills you yourself with enthusiasm?

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【123】 [last50 /ni/]

Japanese woman playing violin with lightsaber.

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【130】 [last50 /ni/]

I haven't used Nicodouga seriously in years but i still recognize most of their memes used in this.


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